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Research in Audiovisual Communication

We highlight three main areas of research in Audiovisual Communication currently underway on the Campus Gandia of the UPV: digital communication and new media, video games and gamification; and film, television and animation.

Within area of digital communication and new media, we can find several research projects by professors and PhD students on the Campus from the Audiovisual Communication undergraduate program and the Official Master CALSI in Social Media. Marga Cabrera is a professor, researcher and coordinator of the Master CALSI imparted on Campus Gandia since 2011; her research focuses on communication in new media. She recently coordinated the Fundéu-BBVA (Foundation of Urgent Spanish) book “Writing for Internet: A Guide for New Media and Social Networks” directed by Mario Tascon and with contributions by a wide group of professors and researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Along with Rebeca Diez, professor of Audiovisual Communication Studies at Campus Gandia, she is co-director the Comunica 2.0 Scientific Conference that celebrated its fourth edition in 2014.

Congreso Comunica 2013

On the other hand, Rebeca Diez, along with other Campus Gandia professors such as Francisco ZuluetaDaniel Palacio, Fernando Macias, José Luis Giménez, Raúl González and Francisco Javier Pastor from the EPSG Media group. This group arises from from the eagernes to work, design projects and achieve the same goal: to publicize the skills, capacties and the work being done on Campus Gandia. The working group is involved in multimedia projects, video games and gamification. The project is the prototype of a video game, Jumpin’ Kaiser. Precisely in the booming video game industry, the Campus organized the Gandia Game Jam, a global event held simultaneously in over 240 cities around the world, where game developers plan, design, and create one or more games within a span of 48 hours. Finally in the area of ​​film, television and animation, several scientific conferences and seminars have been organized, such as the scientific seminars on the transformation and challenges facing the audiovisual industry in the digital age. These seminars, organized by Campus Gandia Professor Marina Segarra, were held in 2004 and hosted more than 170 participants. In 2007, the Campus organized the First Conference on Animation: Ganimatecnia, an event that brought together leading professionals from the world of animation in the Valencian Community, such as the animator Pablo Llorenç (The enigma of the croquetteboy, Chocopulpitos). There is also a line of research in graphic communication of brands and products through various advertising methods.

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