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Programmes “Ciència propera”

“Ciència Propera” is a radio program for scientific dissemination, made of 12 chapters produced from the Campus of Gandia of the Politechnich University of Valencia. It has been broadcasted in Radio Gandia, Cadena Ser, on Mondays, within the programme ‘Hoy por hoy’ (approximately at 12:30h) and in the radio program of the UPV Radio Station, Mondays at 16:00h.
It is funded by the Spanish Foundation for the Science and the Technology (FECYT) – Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Chair of Innovation of the Campus of Gandia.
Synopsis program 1:
Interview for introduction of the program and report on the effects of the climatic change in the Mediterranean, with Miguel Rodilla.

Synopsis program 2:
Interview on the importance of a team for the success in research, with Pilar Donat. Report on environmental flows, with Francisco Martínez-Capel.

Synopsis program 3:
Interview on the traditional fishing and his relation with tourism, with Luis Miret and Paloma Herrera. Report on experiential tourism, with Maria José Viñals.

Synopsis program 4:
Interview on the design of design metamaterials to fight the noise, with Víctor Sánchez. Report on keys issues to increase the value of a tourist destination, with Juan Manuel Baixauli.

Synopsis program 5:
Marga Cabrera speaks on digital communication and his project ‘Observatoio de Nuevos Medios’. In the report, the Gastrocasa, an innovative initiative in tourism.

Synopsis program 6:

Interview to Raquel Bartual, young engineer of telecommunications of the Champi Women Racing. In the report, Lola Teruel, speaks on communication of the tourist destinations.

Synopsis program 7:
we Interview to José F. Montserrat on the new mobile networks, the 5G. In the report, study of acoustic impact in the N-332.

Synopsis program 8:
Interview to Paco Camarena on the medical applications of the ultrasounds. In the report, Jaime Lloret introduce us in the world of artificial intelligence.

Synopsis program 9:
Interview to José Marín- Roig, director of the Chair of Innovation of the Campus of Gandia and report on two youngsters who are already devoted to research and innovation.

Synopsis program 10:
Interview to Fernando Boronat, who is working in several lines of investigation related with virtual reality. In the report Carmen Gómez, analytical chemist specialist, speaks about a new system of sampling.

Synopsis program 11:
Interview to Jesús Villaplana, on the situation of the ‘samaruc’. In the report, we get to now the conference “De la Safor al món’.

Synopsis program 12:
Interview to Héctor Pérez, professor of the Campus of Gandia, on narrative serial; in the second part, we speak with Victor Espinosa, director of the UTEM.

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