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Safor Salut Commits to Innovation in the Early Detection of Diseases

El programa de cooperación “Safor Salut”, iniciativa conjunta entre FISABIO–Departamento de Salud de Gandia, FISABIO-HACLE La Pedrera, el Campus de Gandia de la Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) y la Federación de Asociaciones de Empresarios de la Safor (FAES), celebrará una píldora tecnológica sobre tecnologías para  la detección precoz de enfermedades y patologías el jueves 28 de […]

Recycling Mattresses for Sustainable Construction

Researchers from Campus Gandia and Campus Alcoy of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) are collaborating in the ORACLE project: “Development of recycled polyurethane cores from out-of-use mattresses for sustainable construction with high added value”. This project, which has acquired funding from the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació for a total of 661,531.90 euros, aims […]

Safor Salut Acquires Funding to Promote Healthcare Innovation

The “Safor Salut” cooperation program, an initiative coordinated in 2021 by the Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) together with Fisabio–Gandia Health Department, Fisabio–HACLE La Pedrera, and the Federation of Business Associations de la Safor (FAES, for its Spanish initials), has acquired 59,646 euros in funding from the Program of Complementary Actions […]

Resounding Success of the XLIX Meeting of the Center for Odonto-Stomatological Studies in Gandia

The dental congress organized by the IVIO-UPV Chair of Campus Gandia congregated the leading professionals in the Valencian cosmetic dentistry sector in Gandia in the first two days of July, filling every available seat in the auditorium. The Meeting of the Center for Odonto-Stomatological Studies (CEOE, for its Spanish initials) returned with greater strength and enthusiasm […]

Manises, Candidate for UNESCO Creative City 2021

The Spanish National Commission for Cooperation and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, has selected Manises to represent Spain in the 2021 call for applications of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The Tourism and Heritage team of the Architecture, Heritage […]

Feminism and Social Media

Social media consists of platforms that help establish all kinds of contacts or friendships and where a large amount of information is shared. Feminism has crossed this online barrier and has taken the form of cyberfeminism, where many feminists are actively putting a spotlight on the problems endured by women. They reflect on everyday situations […]

SDG to Improve Climate Change Management

Research staff from Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) are taking part in the “INtegration of sustainable deVelOpment goaLs in uniVErsities for better climatE change management (INVOLVE)” project, whose aim is to build a strategy to achieve Sustainable Development Goals that improve climate change management, transforming a higher education institution in Egypt […]

Catalan as a Pluricentric Language in Conflict

Pluricentrism studies the various interacting codified standard forms of languages, in other words, languages that do not have a single codified standard form in terms of prestige and use. This is due to the fact that codification is carried out by more than one decision-making institution (political or cultural), giving rise to more than one […]

Diana Morant, Minister of Science and Innovation

Diana Morant, who holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de València, has been appointed Minister of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain. The UPV rector José Esteban Capilla, alongside other personalities, attended the swearing-in ceremony of the new Minister. Up until her appointment as Minister, Diana Morant was the […]

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