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Science Week

Programmes “Ciència propera”

“Ciència Propera” is a radio program for scientific dissemination, made of 12 chapters produced from the Campus of Gandia of the Politechnich University of Valencia. It has been broadcasted in Radio Gandia, Cadena Ser, on Mondays, within the programme ‘Hoy por hoy’ (approximately at 12:30h) and in the radio program of the UPV Radio Station, Mondays […]

Hundreds of Teenagers Have Fun Learning Science

Campus Gandia hosted the XI edition of Science Week that was dedicated to soils this year in honor of 2015 International Year of Soils. So fittingly, the first activity was the inauguration of the ‘Soils and Forest Biodiversity’ science exhibition, organized by the Spanish Society of Soil Science (SECS), and the ‘Soils Museum’ exhibition on […]

“Laughter Lets Us Bring Science to Regular People”

Oriol Marimon Garrido (from the University of Barcelona) and Helena Gonzalez Buron (from the Institute of Research in Biomedicine) are the scientists/comedians that are set to headline a stand-up comedy show in Gandia with five science monologues, followed by a Q&A to clarify some of the concepts brought up in the monologues, “or any other […]

Soil and Geek Comedy Headline the XI Science Week

The XI Science Week at Campus Gandia, which starts November 12, 2015, will have two big headliners: soils and the science popularization through geek humor. There will also be the customary environmental education workshops for secondary school students and workshops in the Campus Gandia laboratories related to the degrees offered at this university, as well […]

Exhibition: 20 Years of Research on the Campus

Monday, November 10th saw the opening of the Science Week 2014 exhibition titled “20 Years of Research on the Campus Gandia”, located in the multipurpose room of the CRAI building. The ceremony was attended by the Director of Campus de Gandia, Pepe Pastor, the Deputy Director of Promotion and Culture, Paco Castells and the Vice […]

Science Week 2014 Kicks Off

From November 10 to 15, Campus Gandia of the Polytechnic University of Valencia is celebrating Science Week, an activity which aims to bring science to the general public and especially to young college-bound students. With this edition, Campus Gandia strenthens one of its firmest commitments, promoting interest and bringing scientific research closer to society through […]

Why Science is Important to Society


What is the popularization and dissemination of science? Why do universities have a responsibility to share their knowledge with society? The goal of scientific dissemination is to make science accessible to the general public and it is based both on the responsibility of scientists to account for their work to society and the need for […]

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