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2014 in 15 images

A review of some of the highlights of the year in research and science on Campus Gandia:

  1. International reference in research on atrial fibrillation

A researcher at Campus Gandia has been leading a project for over two years that applies the latest advances in signal analysis for the diagnosis and treatment of atrial arrhythmias.

  1. Acoustic lens using sonic crystal for medical applications

Within the field of sonic crystals, one of the applications developed is a prototype of a new acoustic lens for medical applications. The crystal acts as an acoustic lens that improves the focus of sound waves.

  1. Auir Conference

A series of conferences centering on the situation of the Auir Beach (Gandia) in which scientists from different fields addressed the issue from an environmental, tourist and urban-planning perspective.

  1. Study on levels of pesticides in the Jucar River

A study carried out by researchers at the UPV and UV detected occasionally high concentrations of pesticides along the course of the Jucar River. These concentrations do not pose an immediate danger to fish, but the potential effects on metabolism and behavior cannot be ruled out.

  1. Tourism Carrying Capacity (TCC)

A group of Tourism researchers on the Campus is applying the TCC tool to manage the sustainability of protected cultural heritage sites and nature reserves.

  1. Detection of sea turtles

A research group at the Campus Gandia, in collaboration with l’ARCA del Mar, has conducted a study to detect sea turtles acoustically using scanning sonar.

  1. Comunica 2.0

The 4th edition of the Social Media Conference hosted a workshop titled “Disseminating Science on Social Media”. This Conference has become a national industry leader and is rolling out its latest edition for February 2015.

  1. Invisible Female Scientists

To mark International Women’s Day, the “Invisible Female Scientists Seminar” was held with the aim of highlighting the role of women in science and research throughout history. The event featured an exhibition, a theatrical tour and a panel discussion with the participation of researchers from the UPV.

  1. Science Week

Science Week, which reached its ninth edition in 2014, is an activity that aims to bring science to the general public and especially young college-bound students

  1. Exhibition: 20 Years of Research on Campus Gandia

This exhibition will bring the scientific research carried out on the campus of Gandia closer to society in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Campus.

  1. Awards: Andres Lara, Doctoral Thesis UPV and Radio Gandia

Ivan Herrero received the Andres Lara Young Researcher Award granted by the Spanish Society of Acoustics. The graduate Miguel García Pineda won a UPV Special Award for Doctoral Thesis.

In addition, the Campus gained the recognition of the jury of Gandia Grupo Radio Awards for its role as ” an outstanding institution, not only academically, but also in research and development.”

  1. Restoration of Joan de Joanes painting

A team of researchers from the UPV has restored a previously unknown art piece by the painter Joan de Joanes. This sixteenth century panel painting of the Crucifixion of Christ is noted for its great chromatic and stylistic richness.

  1. Exotic turtles threaten the Safor Marsh

Sara Herrero collaborated with the LIFE + Trachemys project for her Master’s Thesis on Environmental Assessment and Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems at Campus Gandia. Among the many findings, the project has detected that the Safor Marsh has a considerable overpopulation of the Trachemys scripta elegans turtles, known as ‘red-eared sliders’.

  1. Study to reduce noise in space launches

Researchers at the UPV developed a pioneering project for the European Space Agency (ESA) aimed at achieving a significant noise reduction in the vicinity of the launch pad during rocket launches.

  1. WOOL4BUILD Project

Campus Gandia researchers took part in the WOOL4BUILD project, whose main objective is to develop a sustainable product for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, based on the fur and wool scraps produced in the fur industry.

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