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Research in Tourism Studies

The tourism industry is a key development factor in many Spanish cities such as Gandia. The city, which lies in a natural setting with high ecological value, also possess an important cultural and historical heritage.

Gandia is one of the seats of the house Borja (Borgia in Italian), a Valencian noble family of the fifteenth century internationally renown for their power and the historical distinction of many of its members, including: Pope Alexander VI or San Francisco de Borja, IV Duke of Gandia. The natural heritage gives shape to this environment, one noted for the richness of its different ecosystems, such as wetlands, Mediterranean forests or sand dunes, and the magnificent fine sand beaches. Overall, Gandia is a strategic environment for researchers in tourism management, both for its natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, Campus Gandia is conducting several lines of research aimed at making tourism a dynamic and innovative industry.

Maryland MorantManagement of Cultural and Natural Heritage

Professor Mª José Viñals is directing a research group specializing in Tourism Management of Natural and Cultural Heritage that has has carried out work related to the World Heritage Sites. such as the Petra Archeological Park (Jordan) or the Mayan ruins of Copan (Honduras) . They are also conducting work in Special Protection areas like the Albufera Nature Reserves and the Santiago Fort on Chikly Island (Tunisia). All of this applying technical management tools such as analysis and diagnosis of resources related to the potential for conservation and public use, control of Tourism Carrying Capacity or the enhancement of heritage resources.

Tourism product development and 2.0 marketing

Experts in the diversification of tourist destinations are working on strategies for developing tourism products and ‘online’ and ‘offline’ marketing at the national and international level.

Historic resources for tourism brands

A group of researchers from the campus is a specialist adding value the historical resources for the consolidation of tourism brands.

Design and implementation of regional tourism products

This line of research is dedicated to conducting an in-depth study of the processes related to the design and implementation of recreational, sports, and cultural activities in areas oriented towards the development of sustainable, creative and innovative tourist products that generate wealth and employment. All this takes into account the important value of social partners, of the resident population and of showcasing the landscape, history and culture of the area.

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