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Research in Telecommunications

The Campus de Gandia of the UPV is a pioneer in the field of Telecommunications research. These are the main lines of research:

•Acoustic and ultrasonic techniques
• Digital signal processing in wireless communications
• Developing sensor networks
• New internet-related standards
• Hybrid multimedia, interactive and immersive systems
• Detection and signal analysis of atrial fibrillation
• Electronic systems applied to the detection of subatomic particles
• Land management
• Development of technological tools and new methodologies in:

    • aquaculture
    • marine biodiversity
    • fishery resources

We highlight the research conducted by the Research Institute for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (IGIC) located on the campus of Gandia; In conjunction with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), they have created a mixed unit located in the warehouses in the port of Gandia.

Destacamos la investigación que realiza el Instituto de Investigación para la Gestión Integrada de Zonas Costeras (IGIC) ubicado en el Campus de Gandia; junto al Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO) han creado una unidad mixta ubicada en los tinglados del puerto de Gandia. laboratorio electrónica

Campus Gandia has different specialized laboratories for telecommunications research, with equipment that is continuously updated with the teaching equipment program of the UPV:

– Acoustic Anechoic Chamber
– Reverberant Acoustic Chamber
– Photo Laboratory
– Electronic Laboratory
– Television and Video Laboratory
– Power Laboratory
– Physics Laboratory
– Acoustics lLaboratory
– Telematics Laboratory
– Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
– Radio Laboratory
– Instrumentation Laboratory
– Digital Electronic Systems Laboratory
– Microelectronics Laboratory
– Optical and Ultrasound Laboratory

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