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Ciencia cercana Telegrafies ABRIL

Scientific Dissemination on Telegrafies | APRIL


One month more, the team from Telegrafies takes us closer to the science and research being done on Campus Gandia. Thanks to their work we have learned about the new IVIO-UPV Chair that will focus on technologies applied to the field of dentistry, professional training and dissemination activities on the Campus of Gandia. The initiative is ascribed to the Campus Gandia of the UPV and its director is Francisco Camarena.

April also saw the celebration of the E2 Forum, a space for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship among the young students of the Campus and its surroundings. The forum serves as a meeting place for companies, professionals, researchers and students.

Finally, we were able to learn about the advances made in the field of social communication in digital environments thanks to the conference “A new perspective on the analysis of their online social networks” given by the UPV researcher, Elena del Val.


Jaime Lloret (Telecommunications), Pilar Donat (Environmental Sciences) and Rebeca Diez (Communication Studies) are the subjects of the three interviews with researchers and professors from Campus Gandia. Interestingly, all three started their professional careers in the private sector before making the switch to teaching and researching in the university.

Lloret highlights his work with his students, many of whose theses he has supervised, and have helped him grow as a researcher. Professor Donat conveys her passion for science: “What athletes get from endorphins during competition, I get from doing research.” And Rebeca Diez, professor of Audiovisual Communication, emphasizes the need for patience and conducting research on a topic you love, “it must be rewarding for you.”

These actions are part of the Science, Up Close and Personal” project.

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