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Telegrafies, Bringing You Science for Five Years

Telegrafies, the television program produced by Audiovisual Communication students from the Campus Gandia, began its 9th season on Monday February 16, 2015, maintaining its commitment to broadcasting relevant news about the campus, relating especially to culture and science. For another year, the program will be aired on two conventional TV stations: UPV- RTV and Tele7Safor, and redistributed through Internet: on the Telegrafies blog and the social media networks of Telegrafies, Campus Gandia and UPV.

Scientitific contents were an important part of the the program from the outset, but they became the backbone in 2009 as a result of an agreement coordinated by the Campus Office of Communication with the Social Work Program of the Caixa Mediterranean (CAM), through which production of “La CAM t’apropa to Ciència” began. This section, with its own unique style, had two purposes: to inform society about the scientific work taking place at Campus Gandia, and to help students acquire skills in audiovisual dissemination of science.

The following year, a proposal for a scientific dissemination project, whose centerpiece was the program, was presented in the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). The Telegrafies 2.0 project, funded by the FECYT, integrated several Campus activities: first, organizing science-related talks at preparatory schools in the Valencian Community given by research staff and organized by the Office for Promotion; second, lectures filmed by a Telegrafies team for a subsequent news report which included interviews with attending students, with the idea of making them feel like the stars of the story so they would be anxious to watch the show when it aired. Finally, the section titled “La Universitat al teu centre” (the University at Your Center), was regularly shared on social media.


After meeting this objective, we wanted to go one step further and bring scientific content to people with special difficulties in accessing them. A new project funded by the FECYT was designed, “Telegrafies: trencant barreres” (Telegrafies: Closing Barriers). In this case the target groups of the talks, in addition to preparatory schools, were groups such as people with disabilities, prison population, rural dwellers … Activities were also organized to allow disabled people to explain the problems and prejudices they faced and how, despite them, they were able to succeed in whatever they put their minds to. Furthermore, new content emerged relating to innovation and entrepreneurship, such as  “Píndoles d’innovació”.

Internet required shorter content and the following year, the 2012 – 2013 term, the program was converted into a short news program. Close collaboration with the Center for Transfer of Technology on the Campus, in direct and constant contact with researchers, guaranteed a scrupulous selection of news stories and perspectives. Telegrafíes also maintains a very fluid collaboration with the Scientific Communication Unit of the UPV and the UPV Office of Communication, to ensure the maximum exposure of scientific news on the Campus.

The novelty for this year is the integration of Telegrafies in the Campus science blog, with the backing of the CTT and the Campus Office of Communications. At the end of each month, a blog post will be published with a summary of the scientific news that Telegrafies has reported on during that month. The first of these posts, consisting of two videos from February, are set to come out next week.

We start out the new edition with the same nerves that accompany us at the start of every season, this time under the coordination of Esther Dus, Ruben Soriano and Hector Ibanez. With new and eager students who are still in the learning process, we hope to plant the seeds of future disseminators and popularizers of science. And all thanks to the work that their predecessors have done, such as Fernando Canet, Mª Carmen Redondo, Nacho Ruipérez, Pablo Martinez, Rubén Hornillo, Adrian Penalva, Enric Domínguez, Alberto Sancho, Carolina Montava, Alba Ruíz-Castizo, Carmen Hagiu, Victor Suau… and the more than 500 students who have worked on Telegrafies from the beginning. We hope you accompany us on this journey!

 Sandra Barrancos Gregori

Communication and Marketing Officer, Gandia Campus

You can follow her on: Twitter


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