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Telegrafies – UPV Gandia Ciencia: February

This week saw the start of the the collaboration between Telegrafies, the student-produced television program, and the Campus Gandia science blog. On the last week of each month we will share news regarding the Science and Research on the Campus. The news will form part of the #UPVGANDIACIENCIA section. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Telegrafies enters its 9th season in 2015 and that it has dedicated the last five years to the active promotion and dissemination of the research taking place in our University in a number of different ways.

Telegrafies UPV Gandia Ciencia News. February:

1- New system helps to reduce the costs of industrial and street lighting by up to 40%

Campus Gandia and the company Venalsol have developed, patented and commenced commercial production of a new energy module which will allow an energy savings of up to 40% on industrial and street lighting. More

2- Orange tree prunings for improved soundproofing

A team of researchers from Campus Gandia and the University of Girona have successfully developed a new type of plasterboard made from orange tree prunings that improve soundproofing by up to 150% as compared to conventional plasterboard. To achieve this, they have combined the mulched prunings with polypropylene, a widely used plastic in the manufacture of toys and car-parts, among other products. More

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