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Telegrafies – UPV Gandia Science: April-May

Telegrafies  News about the research activity on Campus Gandia in April and May:

9×07- Campus Gandia hosts the “2015 Math Kangaroo Competition”, an activity whose aim is to promote greater commitment to the study of mathematics through the use of interesting problems and positive reinforcement through the problems and where 1050 students participated from 1st year Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO, for its initials in Spanish) to 2nd year Baccalaureate.

9×08- In a poster session, Environmental Science students from Campus Gandia discussed the importance of soil in the International Year of Soils.

9×09- Defense of Silvia Adrian’s doctoral dissertation on the development of an acoustic calibrator capable of imitating the acoustic signal produced by a neutrino that interacts with the water and searches for dark matter in the sun.

9×10- The Campus Gandia researchers Romina del Rey and Jesús Alba are supervising doctoral candidate Juan Pedro Romero in his study and analysis of the performance, quality and duration of oboe reeds.

9×11- Project “Showleap” – Telecommunications Engineering students have developed a device that translates sign language into speech in real time.

9×12- Presentation of the new edition of the Official Master’s Degree in Acoustic Engineering in the Gandia Campus of the UPV.

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