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Audiovisual Communication

30 Years of Industrial Design at the UPV

Nearly thirty years ago, a research group focused on design was created in the Department of Drawing of the Universitat Politècnica de València. The end of the eighties, the decade of Spanish design, marked the beginning of design at the Spanish university with the introduction of the degrees in Fine Arts and the specialties in […]

How We Got Over Jon Snow’s Death in the Fifth Season of Game of Thrones

Jon Snow luchando

Spoiler alert – if you still haven’t seen the already aired episodes of Game of Thrones and you plan to on seeing them, please stop reading. Jon Snow died in the last episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones.  Our fan reactions were a combination of shock, surprise, compulsive meme-sharing, collective episode breakdowns […]

Three Important Scientific Journals Join the Comunica2 Conference

The International Conference on social networks, Comunica2, which will hold its eighth edition in February 2018, has managed to position itself as a benchmark event for the latest trends and developments in all areas of online communication, including journalism, marketing, television, science, sports, education. In addition to its educational aspects, the conference also serves as […]

The Television Studies Event of the Year, in Gandia

Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València and  TV series junkies are in luck. From November 2 to 4 we will host the international conference The Aesthetics of Television Serials, which will bring together important international experts from various fields of knowledge to discuss the art and aesthetics in television series. This is undoubtedly […]

Marga Cabrera, Campus Gandia professor, presents the “Observatory of New Spanish Media”


Marga Cabrera, director of the CALSI Master’s Degree in Digital Communication at the Universitat Politècnica de València, professor in the Undergraduate Department of Audiovisual Communication at the UPV and co-director of the Comunica2, Social Media Conference, presented her project “Observatory of New Spanish Media” in the House of America in Madrid.

Comunica2 Awarded for its Commitment to Innovation and Quality Tourism

Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València is the ideal place to hold a conference such as Comunica2. Undergraduate and graduate degrees closely related to the topics of the conference are imparted on this campus. Furthermore, Gandia is a major tourist destination. All the speakers highlighted the beautiful beaches and the marvelous walks you can […]

A “Live Census” of over 850 New Spanish Language Media Websites

Observatorio de Nuevos Medios Campus Gandia

Campus Gandia professor, Marga Cabrera, is heading the project “Observatory of New Spanish Language Media”. It was funded by one of the “2015 Research and Innovation Grants in the Field of Culture” of the BBVA Foundation. The Observatory is a live census that collects information about new online media initiatives being driven by journalists. “The […]

Animated Cartoons Bring the Game of Chess Closer to Children


Professors from the Digital Post Production Master’s Degree Program at Campus Gandia have developed a series of animated videos created for the purpose of getting young children interested in chess and acquainting them with the chess pieces and their movements. The graduate student, Raul Estevez Montero has taken part in the development of this animated […]

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