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More than 300 people attend Dentsply Sirona Workflow Gandia ’22

Digital dentistry offers tremendous benefits to patients from the moment they enter a consultation. It improves communication, diagnoses and processes, as well as the quality and safety of treatments. The dental sector is increasingly aware of the advantages of digitization in all its processes, which was demonstrated in the highly successful DS Workflow Gandia ’22, whose main theme was digital flow. This event was held at Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València with the collaboration of the IVIO-UPV Chair.

On May 20 and 21, Gandia hosted a number of speakers recognized for their important professional and academic work. According to Joan Faus, director of the IVIO and moderator of the event, the aim was to offer “a common framework to dentists dedicated to orthodontics, implantology, endodontics or clinical management” in an event dedicated to “global training that goes beyond the frontiers of hyperspecialization, thinking of dentistry as a comprehensive service to our patients.” Campus Gandia has once again become a leader in dental training offering an incomparable opportunity to the most cutting-edge companies in the field of dentistry to learn about the extraordinary facilities offered by the campus.

Gandia, strategic location for Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona, organizer of the event and one of the most important companies in the dental sector, has selected only five cities on the Iberian Peninsula to hold these training sessions and Gandia was the only one in the Valencian Community. According to statements made by the company and its General Manager, Xavier Carro, the Campus in the capital of La Safor was an essential location in the itinerary of the conference as it was the headquarters of the influential center for dental training, IVIO and the IVIO-UPV Chair, as well as the exceptional location of the city as a meeting point for dentists on the Levantine coast. n addition, they highlight the close collaboration they maintain with the UPV in educating college students, as well as teaching new techniques and treatments to active professionals. “It is one of the most prestigious universities in our country and where a great number of top-level professionals have graduated from.”

Campus Gandia home once again to a leading dental congress

The Dentsply Sirona Workflow Gandia ’22 and other events, such as the XLIX Meeting of the Center for Odontostomatological Studies less than a year ago, demonstrate once again the firm commitment of the IVIO-UPV Chair in organizing top-level events in the sector at Campus Gandia. In the words of Joan Faus, “the celebration of this last congress responds to our desire to encourage and promote our Campus in the field of dental sciences.” Gandia has been the penultimate meeting point of the DS Workflows On Tour, which is set to end on May 27 and 28 in Bilbao.

For more information and inquiries on the iViO-UPV Chair research projects, you can write to Francisco Camarena, research professor at Campus Gandia UPV: fracafe@fis.upv.es.

You can follow the activity of the IVIO-UPV Chair on their: blog / Twitter / Facebook

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