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Safor Salut Promotes Proposals for Innovative Rehabilitation Projects

The “Safor Salut” cooperation program held its second Technology Pill with an online Zoom session dedicated to rehabilitation in the healthcare setting, on the morning of Tuesday, October 27th.

The conference brought together healthcare professionals from the Gandia Health Department and La Pedrera Hospital in Dénia interested in proposing improvements in rehabilitation practices; research personnel from the Campus Gandia (UPV); and businesses from the Safor with capacities to help tackle the challenges encountered in the development of solutions in this field. The ultimate objective is to provide information to promote proposals for collaborative research projects that enable the development of innovative solutions in the field of rehabilitation.

The session was structured around the rehabilitation processes, a critical aspect in the recovery of patients with different pathologies, since any improvements reduce the patient load enables more patient autonomy in less time.

Currently, there are existing technologies that provide improved patient monitoring to help target treatments (sensorization); applications that reduce treatment time and increase their success (augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, etc.); as well as the possibility of developing solutions that offer higher degrees of functionality and freedom, such as exoskeletons, technical aids, etc..

During the event, expert personnel in various fields had the opportunity to expand their understanding on the pathologies that require more intensive rehabilitation processes within the healthcare system, analyzing their state of the art and the challenges faced by the medical staff.

Representing the Campus, Daniel Marfil, researcher at the Immersive Interactive Media (IIM), directed by Fernando Boronat, presented the PARAFACIAL platform, a system based on Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision techniques that evaluate the severity of facial paralysis and monitor the evolution. This platform was developed in collaboration with healthcare personnel from the Francesc de Borja de Gandia Hospital and the Requena General Hospital. “It provides objective information that complements the diagnosis made by doctors to improve the diagnosis of the severity of paralysis,” according to Daniel.

Using 15 facial marks, different angles and distances are calculated to establish more accurate diagnosis of asymmetries and facial movement patterns (synkinesias), thus improving the effectiveness of botulinum toxin infiltration in the treatment of paralysis.



After exploring the three agents of the rehabilitation processes by way of real experiences, and subsequently analyzing the leading technologies that are revolutionizing innovation in the field of rehabilitation, Josep Miquel Juan, member of the Safor Salut technical team, underscored the collaboration between the healthcare, technology and business sectors as the key to developing innovative solutions.

“The convergence between the medical and technological fields is what will allow businesses to take these ideas to market” […] “We as a country have enough professionals to develop these solutions.”


If you have an idea for a project or solution related to rehabilitation in the healthcare sector and you need a partner from the healthcare, university or business setting to carry it out, submit your idea to saforsalut.es/ideas-retos and we will help you find them.

To facilitate this objective, the technical team has announced an on-line Co-creation Workshop scheduled for November 12th, dedicated to developing the ideas and challenges arising from the conference and encouraging cooperation in high-impact projects in the field of rehabilitation


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