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Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Care and Overall Health

Artificial Intelligence is already a reality that has extended to all fields, including healthcare, where the use and application of these technologies is advancing rapidly and offering tremendous possibilities and potential that will lead to the transformation of the industry. This was the central theme of the First Technology Pill organized by the Safor Salut cooperation program, which was held digitally on Thursday, October 1st.

The conference brought together healthcare personnel from the Gandia Health Department and Hospital la Pedrera de Dénia, research staff from the Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), and businesses from the Safor county that are interested in developing projects that implement Artificial Intelligence techniques, with the principal aim of encouraging cooperation in research and innovation between the industrial, technological and healthcare sectors for the development of new solutions surrounding the application of this technology to the healthcare field.

Jon Ander Gómez, expert in Artificial Intelligence at the UPV, was in charge of introducing the main concepts, application domains in the healthcare sector, as well challenges that Artificial Intelligence presents in the use of medical data.

Throughout the session, professionals from the three sectors presented their projects based on Artificial Intelligence techniques and shared their experiences and perspectives regarding the challenges and opportunities that this technology poses in its application to the medical-hospital setting.

Jesús Tomás, expert in sensors and Artificial Intelligence with medical applications from the Campus Gandia, participated in the event, where he presented the INTEMASC app project, that uses artificial intelligence techniques based on inductive or automatic learning applied to image recognition to detect the correct placement of masks. The aim of this project, under development with the participation of campus researcher Jaime Lloret, in collaboration with the nursing staff of the Xàtiva-Ontinyent Health Department, is to raise awareness about the importance of the proper use of masks in times of Covid-19.

The conference ended with the reflection of Joaquín Miñana, Manager of the Gandia Health Department, who highlighted the importance of maintaining a network of interrelationships between professionals from different sectors that promotes mutual support and allows useful knowledge and experiences to be shared.


If you have a project idea or solution related to Artificial Intelligence applied to the healthcare field and you need a partner from the healthcare, university or business settings to carry it out, please fill out and send the following form to the Safor Salut team by email and we will help you find the partners.


During the Innovation Pill, the Safor Salut team announced their upcoming events. The first of these events is a co-creation workshop scheduled for October 15th, that will be a continuation of the first session. In this workshop, the ideas extracted from the Pill will be worked on jointly between the Program partners, as well as all the interested parties, in order to generate new proposals for collaborative research and innovation projects for the development of innovative products and services.


The Safor Salut 2020 program has the support of the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), under the Program of Complementary Actions to promote and strengthen innovation, after obtaining the highest score in the scale carried out by the Evaluation Commission.


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