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Popular science in the TV program Telegrafies | FEBRUARY


A popular science section in the television program Telegrafies, where research scientists from Campus Gandia give us an up-close and personal look at their research activity. An action carried out under the umbrella of the ‘Science, Up Close and Personal Project’.

The habitat modeling project in the Rufiji River (Tanzania), where it meets the Kilombero River, is a technical support project being carried out by the researchers from Campus Gandia: Francisco Martinez-Capel, Rafael Muñoz and Carlos Puig.

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration for the Observation of Gravitational Waves has reasons to celebrate. For the first time ever they have been able to detect gravitational waves through their two ultra precise laser interferometers located in the USA. The Antares neutrino telescope, with the participation of the group directed by researcher Miguel Ardid, has been monitoring this phenomenon to look for the appearance of neutrinos coinciding with gravitational waves.

Researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València have designed a new smart sensor system that helps detect and delineate toxic waste, oil spills or hydrocarbons in any aquatic environment. Jaime Lloret is one of the creators of this system, along with research scientists Lorena Parra, Sandra Sendra and José Miguel Jimenez.

Improving the delivery of drugs to the brain to treat neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. This is the objective of the project that researchers from Campus Gandia and Columbia University (USA) are working on. Francisco Camarena explains the project’s progress.


Popular science section of the television program Telegrafies. This is an up-close and personal look at the lives and day-to day activity of our research scientists. An action carried out under the umbrella of the ‘Science, Up Close and Personal Project’.

We talk to Lorena Parra, who shares with us her passion and interest in research. Although she acknowledges the difficulties, she encourages everyone who truly wants it, to take  the step to embark on a career in research science.

Interview with Sandra Sendra, postdoctoral research scientist at Campus Gandia, where she talks to us about her personal and academic career at the UPV and why her curiosity drove her to start her research career in Telecommunications.

Cristina Santandreu, professor and researcher in the Department of Business Management, explains how her need for continued training as a teacher led her to embark on a research career. She also analyzes the difficulty of this career.

We talk to Ivan Cañas, a Telecommunications graduate from the Campus, who tells us about his personal and academic career at the UPV and how the fact that as a child he always wanted to know mechanisms worked, has led him to pursue research and development, and entrepreneurship.

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