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Language Consultancy Services for Researchers

The Office for the Dissemination and Standardization of Valencian (SPNL, for its Valencian initials) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia on the Campus of Gandia provides a language consultancy service for the researchers on the Campus. Among the activities targeted at this group is the coordination and implementation of the language-learning plan through courses for learners of Valencian, which are delivered at the Valencian Self-Access Centre (CAV). Furthermore, linguistic advice is offered on the use of specialized terminology and the Office offers funding for academic publications, PhD dissertations, final year projects and scientific dissemination that are written in Valencian.

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Language Learning for Researchers

The SPNL offers a variety of language learning courses for both general and specific language needs, through the tutorials available to Faculty and Research staff. The Office also collaborates with other training services in the UPV, such as the UFASU or ICE, through which courses are offered relating to scientific communication in Valencian and communicative competence in oral presentations

Because we are conscious that people do not often have time to attend classroom-based courses, we have been offering self-learning and online language learning course for a number of years through the PoliformaT platform and MOOC resources. We have also provided the university community with online reference material regarding linguistic criteria, manuals or dictionaries.


Language Consultancy

The Office offers a Language Consultancy Services for Researchers to help with the writing of manuals, theses, reports and any other research project they wish to write in Valencian. This service is carried out primarily through application forms for translation/correction and terminology consultations.

You can access these forms in three different ways: from your personal intranet page, under the Promoció i Servei of Linguistic Normalisation (SPNL) section; from the SPNL website, in the Correction and Translation section, and from the UPV website.

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Grants for Research Staff

To promote the scientific output in Valencian on the Campus, a series of financial aid programs have been launched to encourage the production of audiovisual content and the development and dissemination of research in Valencian, among others. These grant applications are a called biannually, divided into the two semesters of the academic term.

In addition to these grants, through our website you can opt into receiving information about calls, requirements and annexes for grants and scholarships from other organizations, such as the Generalitat Valenciana or  the Valencian Academy of the Language.

 The Office for the Dissemination and Standardization of Valencian

Josepa Costa – josepa@upvnet.upv.es 



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