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Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

To facilitate the exchange of information and stimulate collaborative efforts towards joint research and innovation projects, ARI Hub, in partnership with Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), organized the 5th Tech Breakfast. This event was dedicated to exploring fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence as applied within various businesses and institutions.

Artificial Intelligence stands as a transformative force within the business sector, poised to yield profound impacts. Its application promises to usher in a significant paradigm shift, shaping the future of industry operations and strategies. This rapid evolution of disruptive innovation creates a dynamic landscape ripe with new opportunities. It necessitates dedicated research and innovation efforts to develop technological solutions tailored for implementation across diverse sectors, encompassing the varied industries represented by member companies and institutions within the ARI Hub.

At the conference, a comprehensive exploration of Artificial Intelligence encompassing fundamental concepts such as machine learning and big data took place. Attendees delved into the potential applications within the realms of companies and institutions affiliated with the ARI Hub, while also scrutinizing the constraints surrounding data application. Real-world application projects were shared as illuminating case studies, serving to inspire the formulation of fresh challenges and projects.

he technological session took place at the Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), featuring the esteemed participation of Juan Miguel Alberola, a renowned research professor at the university specializing in artificial intelligence. During his address, Professor Alberola assumed the responsibility of elucidating the primary applications within corporate settings, along with their associated benefits and challenges.

The event commenced with the presence of Gandia’s mayor, José Manuel Prieto, who offered a highly favorable assessment of such gatherings. “We will consistently support initiatives of this nature, which serve as a platform for companies to cultivate innovative projects that foster the growth of our city,” he emphasized. Furthermore, at the Fifth ARI Hub Tech Beakfast, Marta Armendia, General Director of Vocational Education and Training; Esther Gómez, Autonomous Secretary of Universities; Alberto Conejero, Vice-Rector of Students and Entrepreneurship at the UPV; Ramón Bertó, Vice President of ARI HUB; and Jesús Alba, Director of Campus Gandia, also participated.

The breakfast was attended by ARI Hub partners: ODEC, Tecatel, Tecnovill, VickyFoods, Universitat Politècnica de València, Mancomunitat de municipis de la Safor, Guillem Export, Christeyns, Ajuntament de Villalonga, Citrosol, the Gandia City Council, as well as members of startups participating in the incubation and acceleration programs of theARI Hub Innovation Challenges Axis.

What is ARI Hub?

The Agro-Rural Innovation Hub (ARI Hub) is a dynamic initiative rooted in the Safor region, aimed at fostering innovative projects within the agri-food sector while prioritizing rural development. Campus Gandia (UPV) plays a pivotal role as a dedicated partner in this endeavor.

ARI Hub operates across three primary axes: an incubator and accelerator for emerging companies, a consortium of innovative companies, and a dedicated training entity. These axes are designed to foster an entrepreneurial culture, drive innovative projects, engage diverse public and private stakeholders, cultivate synergies, and facilitate knowledge transfer.

Furthermore, it has recently come on board as a collaborator for the Safor Salut program, spearheaded by Campus Gandia.

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