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Four Campus Gandia Researches Awarded

For the second year in a row, the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has recognized the R&D, dissemination and knowledge transfer activity of its researchers. The second edition of the UPV Research Awards saw a total of 33 awards granted to different scientists from within the academic institution.

In this second edition of the UPV Research Awards, 31 awards were given under six different categories: Media Impact of Research; Scientific Dissemination; Knowledge Transfer; Excellent Research Publication; Excellent Research Impact; and Excellent Research Career.

Four Awards Go to Top Campus Gandia Researchers

In this second edition of the research awards, the UPV gave out four awards to three outstanding individuals from Campus Gandia: Jaime Lloret, Virginia Garófano and Víctor Gallego.

“These acknowledgments reward the work, effort and dedication during the last few years in the advancement of science and technology,” stated Jaime Lloret, recipient of the Excellent Impact of Research Award, in the Engineering category, and for Excellent Research Career, in the Information and Communication Technologies category of the UPV Research Awards. “The truth is that I don’t consider them to be just for me, they are also for the entire research team that I belong to.”

For her part, Virginia Garófano, winner of the Excellent Research Publication Award, in the Natural Sciences category, stated, “It is a source of pride.” The publication Species Composition and Plant Traits: Characterization of the Biogeomorphological Succession within Contrasting River Corridor “was the result of an international collaboration, mainly with members of the French GEOLAB laboratory, where I did my postdoctoral studies.”

And for Víctor Gallego, winner of the Excellent Research Publication Award, in the Engineering category, Agriculture and Forestry subcategory, “these awards are an added bonus for young researchers, for which this type of acknowledgment is an incentive to continue fighting to settle into their scientific and academic career.

Jaime Lloret, leading national figure in the field of Telecommunications

Professor in Telematics Engineering, he has directed the Research Institute for the Integrated Management of Coastal Zones (IGIC) since January 2017. Undergraduate degree in Physics, specializing in Electricity, Electronics and Computer Science; Electronic Engineer and PhD in Telecommunications. Wireless sensor networks, P2P networks, network protocols and algorithms are some of his areas of research, featuring prominently in the most prestigious lists that evaluate the professional quality of researchers on a national, European and global scale.

Virginia Garófano, winner of the Excellent Research Publication Award in the Natural Sciences category

Undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Granada and doctor from the UPV. In his thesis she studied the distribution patterns of riverside species based on hydrogeomorphological factors at different spatial and temporal scales in Mediterranean rivers. She completed a postdoctoral degree at the GEOLAB Laboratory (Université Clermont Auvergne), where she designed and implemented “an experiment to evaluate the morphological, anatomical and biomechanical response of riverine species to different river processes.” Since then, she has been an associate member of said laboratory and continues to collaborate. Currently, she is involved in the management of the Life Intemares project, the largest marine conservation project in Europe.

Víctor Gallego, winner of the Excellent Research Publication Award in the Engineering category, Agriculture and Forestry subcategory

Undergraduate degree in Biology from the UV and doctor from the UPV, he teaches several subjects at Campus Gandia. His research focuses on the study and conservation of threatened aquatic species, he has developed captive breeding protocols and has been able to establish germplasm banks for a great number of them. Currently, after a period working abroad, he has returned to the UPV to develop new lines of research focused on the biology and ecology of aquatic species, from the study of small endemic fish to the development of genetic resource banks for different species of sharks.

Source: Laida Frasquet Pascual Journalist. Office of Communication at Campus Gandia (UPV)

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