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Safor Salut Secures Funding to Promote Healthcare Innovation

The “Safor Salut” cooperation program, an initiative coordinated in 2021 by the Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) together with FisabioGandia Health Department, FisabioHACLE La Pedrera, and the Federation of Business Associations de la Safor (FAES, for its Spanish initials), has secured 59,646 euros in funding from the Program of Complementary Actions to Promote and Strengthen Innovation from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI, for its Spanish initials), for the development of innovation projects for 2021 and 2022.

Likewise, the AVI has also granted funding to the “Circular Economy in Hospital Textile Waste Recovery” project, which came about under the umbrella of “Safor Salut” in 2019. This project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of hospital textiles and is being developed by the companies Plastics Casaravi and Aupa Hogar, together with Fisabio through the Hospital Francesc de Borja de Gandia and with the collaboration of researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

SAFOR SALUT 2021-2022

Various initiatives have already been carried out in 2021 aimed at promoting the generation of collaborative innovation projects between the agents involved, incorporating the group of social agents into the program: Foundation for Health Research in the Safor region (AISSA), the Spanish Association Against Cancer – Gandia, the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association of Gandia and the Safor (DIFFAC.GANDIA), the Espurna Foundation, the Parkinson’s Association of Gandia-Safor, the Alzheimer’s Family Organization of the Safor (AFA La Safor), the Safor Commonwealth of Municipalities and the Gandia City Council. With this lineup, “Safor Salut” kicked off the year with a presentation focused on this challenge and the chief new feature of its work plan for 2021-2022.

With this new funding impetus, the program plans to organize technology pills focusing on technologies with high impact potential in the healthcare sector, as well as subsequent co-creation workshops to stimulate project proposals to drive innovations in the health sector.


“Safor Salut”facilitates the identification of needs in the healthcare setting, as well as the generation of project ideas and the development of new products and services through collaboration and the transfer of knowledge between the university, the healthcare establishment and the economic fabric, giving rise to new business opportunities in the healthcare sector for companies in the area, as well as improving the competitiveness of the Valencian Innovation System as a whole.


In light of the challenges and opportunities posed by our current environment, from the outset the initiative carried out actions in alignment with the challenges and solutions identified by the AVI Strategic Innovation Committee, aiming to respond specifically to the challenges related to food and hospital diet, health and circular economy.

If you have a project idea related to rehabilitation in the healthcare sector and require a partner from the healthcare, university, or business sector to execute it, submit your idea to saforsalut.es/ideas-retos. We’ll assist you in finding suitable partners. Additionally, you can explore the ideas submitted by others and actively participate by contributing to their implementation.

More information at saforsalut.es


Campus de Gandia (UPV): Pilar Sánchez | psanche@upv.es, Neus Montoro | niemones@upv.es

FISABIO-DS Gandia: María Prada | prada_marmar@gva.es, Amparo Arlandis | arlandis_ampviy@gva.es, Elena Carrió | carrio_elearg@gva.es, Silvia Llàcer | llacer_sil@gva.es

Empresas-FAES: Diego Pérez | saforinnova@faesafor.com, Fina López | finalopez@faesafor.com


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