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CanalTeleco, Telecommunications Explained by Juan Hernández Ruano, Student at Campus Gandia UPV

How does an antenna work? What does FM and AM stand for? How do magnetic fields apply to telecommunications? Juan Hernández Ruano, student in the Telecommunications, Sound and Image Systems Engineering Degree at Campus Gandia UPV, answers these and other questions concerning Telecommunications on his YouTube channel, CanalTeleco.

Juan received recognition from the Official College of Graduates in Telecommunications Engineering of the Valencian Community for his science communication work and already has 1,400 followers on his YouTube channel.

According to Juan, the idea for the channel came to him when he couldn’t find answers to questions he had when he was looking into the Telecommunications Engineering degree. “A few years ago, as I was looking for information on YouTube and on websites about the Telecommunications Engineering degree, I realized there was something missing: I was really curious about the practice works in each subject. There are quite a few videos on YouTube created by university students, but it’s all very scattered and I couldn’t find any of the video content that I personally would’ve liked to see.

“As I was getting on with my course work, I felt really accomplished by everything I was learning each semester. In fact, when I was doing the labs and practice work in certain subjects, it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to share them on social media since they were really interesting and educational. I love the labs and practice work! It’s what solidifies all the theory you learn in class. Since I have some electronic material and measuring equipment, I would repeat some of the practices at home to reinforce what I learned and improve what I wasn’t doing right in the university lab.

“Before I started university, I worked at a radio station as a sound and maintenance technician and among other hobbies, I do experiments with electronics and radio frequency. With the combination of my prior work experience and to all the new information I was learning in my degree, I set out to create CanalTeleco aimed at students and lovers of Telecommunications. Creating different and easy-to-understand content to help you better understand certain subjects. The aim of the channel isn’t to teach, but rather to reinforce what we learn at university. In addition, the channel helps me reinforce everything I learn in class, because I make myself look up a lot of information and go over my notes to make sure that I’m getting it right.

“The channel was launched a year ago, and over time I’ll start posting content for students in different course levels. I usually record my videos when my class schedule permits it. Recording and editing usually takes me a few hours, but I love it so much that it’s well worth the effort.”

Here at the Campus Gandia UPV we want to take the opportunity to congratulate Juan on his initiative and we leave you one of his videos. We hope you like it as much as we do!

You can follow Canal Teleco on:

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