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Returning This November, Comunica2, the UPV International Communication and Technology Conference

This year, the Comunica2 International Conference at Campus Gandia (Universitat Politècnica de València) is celebrating its 9th edition on November 14 and 15, with a broader range of topics on communication and technology. The program offers lectures, talks, round tables, workshops and a scientific part with short communication papers from experts. Once again, Fundéu-BBVA is collaborating in the Conference, along with 4 important scientific journals: Latina, Hipertext, Telos and EPI El Profesional de la Información.


As in the previous editions, this year’s program aims to put a spotlight on the new trends in communication and technology. This time, humor will kick off the conference with Keunam and Hermoti, two YouTube comedians whose unique music and voices have found a following on the platform.
The Internet also offers new learning opportunities, Cristian Olivé and Èlia Riudavets, that language teachers from l’Escola Joan Pelegrí de Barcelona, will explain to us.  Video-games also offer new ways of learning for both younger and older people. In this regard, the coordinator of the espacio3.net educational project, Marc Torrano, asks the question in his talk “Young folks, what are you playing?”Comunica2 wants to delve deeper into this videogame industry with Adrián Cuevas, co-founder of Nomada Studio, who will talk about the success of Gris, an indie videogame that has managed to appeal to even non-players.

New new narrative formats will be analyzed once again with the journalist Álvaro Medina talking about the experience of eldiario.es; Conchi Cascajosa, professor at the Carlos III University, analyzing “The Culture of Series and Transmedia Storytelling”; and Rafael Höhr, director of infographics at Prodigioso Volcán, explaining how to “Visualize Information”.

The program will be rounded out with talks about “The Fan Phenomenon and the Digital Brand” with Isabel Villanueva and Clara Nafría (manager to Alfred García and head of communication at Sweet Bird, respectively); “Inclusive Language” by Judith González from Fundéu-BBVA,; “SEO and SEM, Online Positioning and Neuromarketing” with the marketer and lecturer Pablo Vidal; and a round table on creativity moderated by Xosé Castro.

Jordi Moltó will reveal “the secret to success” in his presentation, “The Science of Viral Videos“. He has worked with Pablo Motos (El Hormiguero 3.0-Antena 3), with whom he continues to collaborate today with his own segment, where characters such as the German reporter Wolfgang Maier, the reggaeton grandfather, Daddy Melquiades, or the segment on Real Experiences and Sociological Experiments that have put out videos that have been gone viral worldwide.

An indexed journal is a periodical research publication that reflects its high scientific quality and has been listed in a database/ index/ repertoire for worldwide consultation. Researchers are living in an age when publishing scientific articles in indexed journals is becoming an obstacle course, and a necessity for their academic career. If you are interested in getting to know the world of scientific journals, this is the perfect opportunity to find out how they work in the talk titled “Publishing in Scientific Journals”.


The practical workshops will complete the Comunica2 program. These workshops are scheduled to take place on the afternoon of Thursday, November 14th. Xosé Castro will help us learn how to “Speak in Public”; Gersón Beltrán will teach us strategies for “Positioning a Tourism Business”. Mayte Vañó will give a workshop on “Social Media Trends” and Amalia López, a communication expert, will give a workshop on “Digital Strategy for the Public Administration”. Cefire is taking part in the Conference for the first time and is giving a workshop aimed at teachers titled “Corporate Digital Tools for Teachers”, taught by Rebeca Riberaa.

You can find all the information on the website: https://comunica2.webs.upv.es/

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