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III Edition of the IVIO-UPV Chair Symposium at Campus Gandia

It’s time for the third edition of the IVIO-UPV Chair Symposium, a major event for professionals and students in the field of dentistry .

Next Friday, March 29th, the IVIO-Universitat Politècnica de València Chair will hold the third edition of this Symposium entitled “From Planning to Execution: Handling the Anterior Oral Vestibule in Advanced Oral Implantology“. This event will bring together more than 40 dental professionals, including dentists, researchers, students and teachers.

This third edition features the participation of the doctors Jorge Caubet and Vicente Platón, both with extensive experience in the field of dentistry. During the scheduled lectures, attendees will be able to find out about the professional experiences of the two speakers and delve into the advances in aesthetic oral implantology or periodontal plastic surgery, among others.

Target audience and registrations

This event is aimed at postgraduate students of the Valencian Institute of Dental Research, students with technical degrees, researchers in the field of technology applied to dentistry, as well as the various professionals in the areas of oral implantology, periodontics and oral surgery

The event will take place in Conference Room 1-4 of the Campus Gandia on Friday, March 29th starting at 9:45 am and will be opened by the Director of the Campus, Jesus Alba. Complete program and registration here.

IVIO-UPV Chair Award

During the Symposium, the II IVIO-UPV Chair Award will be presented for the best TFM (Master’s Thesis Project) or TFG (Undergraduate Thesis Project) related to the application of new technologies in dentistry. In this edition, a total of 6 TFGs and TFMs have been presented from different universities:

– “Study of the behavior in tribocorrosion of tnzt alloys for dental implants” by Carmen Mínguez Porter, Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the UPV.

– “Development of an augmented reality application to help dentists insert dental implants” by Clara Luzón Álvarez, Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging.

– “Radio frequency coil design and implementation of pulse sequences for magnetic resonance imaging equipment in dentistry” by Héctor Sánchez Izquierdo, Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the UPV.

– “Comparison of digital protocols for the measurement of peri-implant marginal bone loss” by Iván Palau Martínez, Degree in Dentistry from the UV.

– “In vitro study on the thermal behavior, pressure and physical-mechanical wear of the surgical drill during the milling of the implant bed: material and design” by Juan Carlos Bernabeu Mira, Degree in Dentistry from the UV.

– “Non-destructive ultrasonic techniques for monitoring the guided bone regeneration process” by Yolanda Pamies Rodríguez, Master’s Degree in Acoustic Engineering.

More information and questions regarding the IVIO-UPV Chair research projects can be addressed in writing to Francisco Camarena, a research professor at the Campus Gandia of the UPV: fracafe@fis.upv.es.

You can follow the activity of the IVIO-UPV Chair on their: blog / Twitter / Facebook

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