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Comunica2 Awarded for its Commitment to Innovation and Quality Tourism

Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València is the ideal place to hold a conference such as Comunica2. Undergraduate and graduate degrees closely related to the topics of the conference are imparted on this campus. Furthermore, Gandia is a major tourist destination. All the speakers highlighted the beautiful beaches and the marvelous walks you can take, even in the month of February. They mentioned this in their numerous social media accounts, with thousands of followers, promoting Gandia as a vacation destination The hashtag #Comunica2017 came in at sixth place in the Top20Trending Topics in Spain on Thursday, February 16th. And we are thrilled with the recognition given to us by the City of Gandia at the Gandia Tourism Gala precisely for promoting the city in this way.

comunica2 turismo gandia

The Comunica2 International Social Media Conference, which has been held on Campus Gandia since 2010, is actually an educational project involving which 60 Audiovisual Communication students. The main goal is for them do all the PR and communications of the event.

The rest of the team include:

  • The conference directors, professors Rebeca Díez and Marga Cabrera, along with Alberto Sancho, a former student from the campus. The three helped to foster teamwork, teaching how to delegate and demonstrating their commitment to a job work well done and their passion for a joint project.
  • The campus audiovisual technician, Carles Madramany, was in charge of everything relating to recording and live broadcasting of the event. He headed the production crew: directors, production assistants, video, sound, graphics specialists…
  • Luisa Camps, the Permanent Training Center officer, was in charge of registrations and certificates. She trained the team in the reception of attendees, preparation of the welcome bags and generally in the bureaucratic part.
  • Rebeca Díez taught students how to draft press releases, keep a media database, welcome the media and coordinate interviews with the speakers, as well as analyze the media impact. She relied on the support of the Campus Communications Officer, Sandra Barrancos.
  • Every year a team of students is formed to shoot the promotional advert for the event. A director is chosen from among students who is in charge of putting together a team and coordinating the production. This year’s director was  Jairo González and 20 students participated.
  • The graphic design for this edition was carried out by Cristina Brotons, who maintained the essence of the logo and corporate colors … she handled everything to do with design
  • Alberto Sancho, former student and conference coordinator, was in charge of covering the event live on social media. He had a large team of students and alumni who were in charge of the Twitter account with the aim of becoming top trending nationally in the shortest time possible (already a classic). They also had to generate content for Facebook, blog posts, Storify summaries, handle the  Instagram and Snapchat accounts, and create visual content to share such as videos and photos,  and above all, to quickly respond to any questions coming through networks.
  • The coordinator of the scientific committee was Raúl Terol, former student and now a professor of Fine Arts. He was in charge of managing the scientific committee, receiving the communications and distributing them for completely anonymous peer reviews. He trained students in the logistics of presenting communications.

The most valuable part of this is that those who have already gone through this experience gain the capacity to train the upcoming generations. The alumni who are already out in the work force can return to campus for a few days to work and train the younger students who are just starting out.

The conference has succeeded in bringing together different generations of alumni in a common project, giving them valuable professional experience and opening industry doors, since businesses come knocking asking for students who participated

Rebeca Díez and Marga Cabrera, co-directors of the Comunica2 conference

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