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Scientific Dissemination on Telegrafies | MAY


TV series, the protection of tellinas and a new pentabarrier to prevent pollutants are featured in the section dedicated to research activity at Campus Gandia on Telegrafies, the campus television program.

What is so novel about this new “barrier” and what can it be used for? It is an easily portable and detachable barrier that can contribute to improving the level of comfort in places like hospitals. The research scientists at the UPV in Gandia that have patented it call it a pentabarrier because it can protect us from five external contaminants: airborne noise, vibration noise, it is also resistant to fire, light and electromagnetic radiation.

And what also protection are the tellinas. With Miguel Rodilla we discover the worrisome situation that this mollusk is experiencing and the steps that need to be taken to preserve them and subsequently increase their population in the Valencian coast.

TV series can be seen as today’s novels, and aesthetics can be the starting point for the analysis of series such as Breaking Bad or Orange Is the New Black. In the report on Telegrafies we can find out why.


Laura Berto has carried out her research career in the field of Acoustics, a specialty in which the Campus of Gandia of the UPV is on the cutting edge. She recently obtained her PhD and offers wise advice: “In the world of science you have to fight for your ideas; don’t get discouraged when things don’t go well.”

Maria José Canet, Technical Engineer in Telecommunications, talks about the future. She would like to do a residency abroad and actively participate in the new Degree in Interactive Technologies that Campus Gandia is preparing.

In May we also had a chance to chat with Javier Pastor, a graduate in Fine Arts and research professor at the UPV. “I wanted to be a designer, I never thought I would devote myself to academia,” he admits. And he highlights the relationship between business and universities, “we should shorten the distance that still exists” and work on applied research, concludes Pastor.

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