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Gandia to Host an International Conference on TV Series

The Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València is set to host the International Cinema/Series Conference on November 6th and 7th, where international experts will discuss the transfer process taking place between TV series and films, both on the level of production and storytelling, as well as visual aesthetics.

Online registration is open on the website http://www.researchseries.org/ at a price of 20 euros for UPV Students and Alumni and 60 euros for the general public. The working language will be primarily English.

Sherlock Holmes, Hannibal, Fargo, The Truman Show, Todas las mujeres, Gomorrah, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Batman, Caligula or Chicas de hoy en día, are some of the shows that researchers from British, Spanish, Italian, Canadian, American, German and Turkish universities are prepared to discuss.


According to Hector J. Pérez, professor of Audiovisual Communication at Campus Gandia and one of the conference organizers, films are the main source of inspiration for TV series, both in terms of production and aesthetic value. “At the same time, as TV storytelling has matured, the tendency is inverting and television is increasingly influencing the storytelling style of films and the film industry in general,” he says. In this regard, the aim of the conference is to promote a critical analysis of the traffic of ideas that occurs from movies to series and vice versa, in addition to providing theoretical frameworks to help understand the influencing process between the two worlds.

Among the speakers at the conference are Roberta Pearson from the University of Nottingham, who will give the conference entitled “Intertextuality and the Sherlock Holmes Franchise’; Manuel Palacio (Carlos III University of Madrid), who will reflect on the ‘Literary Universe in Contemporary Transmediality. The case of film and television and the works of Arturo Perez Reverte’; Guglielmo Pescatore (University of Bologna), whose paper is entitled ‘Adaptation, Remediation, Trans media Storytelling and the Ecosystem Approach. Marvel and DC Comics Universes’; Kathrin Fahlenbrach (University of Hamburg), who will speak on ‘The Audiovisual Performance of Ambivalent Complex Characters in TV Narration. Cognitive and Emotional Aspects’ and Jane Feuer (University of Pittsburgh, USA), who will speak on ‘Music Television: Smash and the Broadway Musical on TV’.

The Cinema/Series conference is made possible through two research projects funded by the Spanish Government: Theoretical Innovation Strategies in the Analysis of Storytelling in Television Series and Aesthetic Value and Other Values ​​in Art: the Role of Expression, as well as sponsorship by the Campus Gandia and the Department of Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and History of Art of the UPV.

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Registration and technical secretariat of the conference:

Luisa Camps Palanca

Campus Gandia F-201.  Tel.: 962849456 (Ext.: 49456). E-mail: macampa@upv.es

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