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FAES Innovation Award Goes to Venalsol for their Partnership with the University

Campus Gandia has decided to award the FAES prize for innovation to the company Venalsol, from Palma de Gandia, for their entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to innovation and continuous R+D+i collaboration with the Campus Gandia in recent years. Particularly valued was the patent developed between the company and the Campus in collaboration with researchers from the university, which resulted in the creation of a new system that reduces energy consumption for lighting by a further 40%.


According to Pepe Pastor, director of the Campus Gandia, the patent developed between the researchers from the campus and the young entrepreneurs behind Venalsol, is an example of the excellent results that university-business partnerships can provide. And this FAES Award underlines “the strong commitment of the Campus to continue promoting the businesses on our region that enter in R&D partnerships with the Campus Gandia” says Pastor.

The result of the synergy between the university and the company is a patent for a module that rationalizes energy consumption for lighting, permitting a further increase in energy savings of 40% in industrial and street lighting; the base technology, lighting by electromagnetic induction, already attained an average saving of 50% over traditional lighting. At present, the system has been patented and is about to be marketed.

Venalsol is headed by Jaume Peiro, a 34 year-old Industrial Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de València, and Vicente Pellicer, a 37 year-old Electronic Engineer. These Valencian entrepreneurs decided to go down the route of differentiation based on innovation: “As a business, we wanted to develop a technology that was more robust and reliable than the existing one,” says Vicente Pellicer, “and that’s why we sought out the backing of the UPV.”

The UPV developed the non-commercial prototype that served as the basis for the patented product. The inventors of the patent are Tomás Sogorb, José Pelegrí Sebastiá and José Vicente Llario Sanjuan, professors from the Department of Telecommunications of Campus Gandia and members of the IGIC research institute, as well as the research and teaching assistant, Antonio Bou.

Premio FAES Campus Gandia Venasol

Vicente Llario (UPV), Vicente Pellicer (Venalsol), Tomás Sogorb (UPV), Jaume Peiró (Venalsol), Antoni Bou (UPV), José Pelegrí (UPV)


The award was presented at the XVI Meeting of the Federation of Business Associations in the Safor (FAES), held on October 20, 2015, and which gathered several dozen regional business leaders from the region in the Real de Gandia.

The FAES, established in 1999, is an independent, apolitical and non-profit organization whose purpose is to represent, manage and defend the professional and business interests of its members, meeting their information, training and advisory needs, and with the particular mission of defending the specific interests of and representing the businesses.


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