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Workshop on UPV Research Indicators and Others

In order to increase the rate of R&D&I activity of the research professors and to increase the scientific relevance of their results, the Polytechnic University of Valencia conducts continuous evaluations of the institutions’s research performance through evaluation systems and targeted indicators.

To this end, the university conducts an annual evaluation of objectives such as R&D&I activity or results using the following main indicators found in its regulations:

  • Individual Research Activity Index
  • Individualized Assessment of Research Activity

The calculations are based on the information regarding the scientific and artistic output of the previous years and deposited by the researcher and validated in Senia, the application used for the management of research activity at UPV.

Jornada producción científica Campus Gandia

To help the research staff navigate this evaluation and accreditation process, the Campus Gandia Library CRAI has organized a workshop on Thursday, January 29th in the Graduate Hall (Salón de Grados) of the Campus Gandia, with the following program:

  • 11:00 am – 12:00 am Workshop: “Recommendations for data entry in Senia and optimal diffusion in RiuNet”

Hands-on workshop to submit the information regarding the scientific and artistic output of 2014, where the FAQs and common mistakes regarding academic authorship, the importance of publicatishing, conference participation, etc. will be be addressed. Guidelines for standardized procedures will also be provided.

  • 12:00 am. – 12:30 am Break
  • 12:30 am – 1:30 pm. Training session: “How the UPV helps you comply with the mandates of the Science Law and the the Horizon 2020 program”

A brief overview of the different methods of compliance with the mandates (direct publishing in open access journals or depositing articles in the repository) and how the UPV assists researchers in this task. There will also be time for discussion and Q&A.

More information about the conference and registration on the library website.

(Updated February 4) Available course materials

New service for Campus Gandia

Additionally, the Library has launched a new user service in 2015 called, “The Library Answers – Appointment“, to schedule appointment with the library staff to respond to questions regarding issues such as evaluation and accreditation, literature searches, advice on publishing, how to manage reference material and resources, etc.

This service, which was carried out informally in the past, offers both researchers and student the possibility of scheduling personalized appointments tailored to their information needs. To request this service you must fill out a form stating the purpose of the consultation, subject area, etc., as well as availability.

We hope this service improves the support we give to the students, faculty and researchers of our university community.

“The Library Answers – Appointment”  www.biblioteca.upv.es/citaprevia

Campus Gandia Library CRAI



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