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Metamaterials: The Future of Acoustics at the Sonology Conference

Campus Gandia research professor Rubén Picó presented the latest trends and developments in acoustic materials and room acoustics at the Sonology Conference hosted by the Joaquín Rodrigo de València Higher Conservatory of Music.


The Sonology Conference is an exceptional opportunity to explore the intersections between music and other disciplines. This year, the conference had a special focus on physics, but also on composition, audiovisual production and sound technology. With a combination of keynote speeches, workshops and performances, the Sonology Conferences provide an enriching space for students, teachers and professionals from different areas related to the field of sound and music. Sonology has arrived as a force to reckon with and the Conservatory is becoming a pioneering research and creation center.

In his presentation, “Innovation in room acoustics: from traditional materials to metamaterials”, Picó, an acoustics expert, discussed how advances in materials and systems “can improve the sound experience in spaces dedicated to music.”

Likewise, the session, “with a special focus on physics, but also on composition, audiovisual production and sound technology,” has served as a bridge “between generations of musicians and technicians, encouraging discussion and the exchange of ideas.”

The connections between music and the principles of physics

Campus Gandia  of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has pointed out “the importance of these sessions, which underscore the university’s commitment to being at the forefront of the field of sound”. Likewise, “these sonology conferences not only offer a platform for presenting innovative projects, but also encourage collaboration and dialogue between professionals, academics and students from various disciplines.”

In this regard, “the inclusion of internationally renowned speakers and the variety of topics covered, from Applied Physics to Computer-Assisted Music Creation, demonstrate the richness and diversity of the field of sonology.”

Furthermore, the presentation by Campus Gandia professor; Rubén Picó at the Sonology Conference, “has highlighted advances in acoustics and has inspired the educational community to continue exploring new frontiers at the intersection of music and science.”

Source: Laida Frasquet Pascual Journalist. Office of Communication at Campus Gandia (UPV)

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