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Gandia Science Week 2023

As part of Science Week, Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has organized various activities with the main goal of bringing science and technology closer to society, especially to Elementary school students. This marks the 19th edition organized by Campus Gandia.

On this occasion, five workshops were held from November 6 to 10, directed by Professor Víctor García, with the collaboration of Pilar Sánchez and Paloma Herrera. In addition, it was sponsored by the IVIO-UPV Chair.

Students from the Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences led these workshops in the campus facilities. The workshops sparked curiosity and encouraged the development of environmental awareness through science experiments. Nearly a hundred girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 12, from Las Colinas, Los Naranjos and Les Foies Schools, participated in this edition.

Environmental Awareness Workshops

Educate, Reuse and Illuminate

With this activity, the students learned to give a second life to household waste and minimize its negative impact, reusing used objects in a creative way.

Flow Like Water!

This workshop addressed different aspects related to water, including the importance of its preservation and the secrets hidden in this precious resource that is essential to life.

Big Little Things

Fun was combined with vital lessons about environmental conservation so that younger audiences could discover how small gestures could have a huge impact on protecting our planet.

Avatar Project

This workshop allowed students to create bonds with nature, learn about the importance of trees or plastic recycling, producing an ecosystem in a bottle or playing to save the sea.

Learning to Recycle through Games

The activity aimed to teach how to give objects new opportunities, to extend their useful life and thus reduce the amount of waste and its negative impact on nature.

Bio & Urbs

Photo Exhibition: Wildlife in the Cities

In an increasingly urbanized world, green spaces act as a true lung in cities and as a refuge for a large number of species. In order to divulge and promote the conservation of the natural heritage found in cities, the students had the opportunity to visit he exhibition on urban biodiversity. “Bio & Urbe” is part of the winning projects of the PC_ACTS 2023 call.

It is worth mentioning that Gandia is a City of Science and Innovation, a title granted by the Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness in 2016 and which was renewed in 2023.

Source: Laida Frasquet Pascual Journalist. Office of Communication at Campus Gandia (UPV)

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