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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Prize Awarded to a Study on Generational Renewal in the Fishing Industry

In addition to the many problems that the fishing sector is facing, there is one that has barely been addressed, but which seriously threatens the continuity of small-scale fisheries: generational renewal. This challenge is the subject of the study entitled “Sustainability of the Fisheries Sector in the Valencian Community: the Challenge of Generational Renewal”, by […]

Safor Salut Commits to Innovation in the Early Detection of Diseases

The “Safor Salut” cooperation program, a joint initiative between FISABIO–Gandia Health Department, FISABIO–HACLE La Pedrera, Campus Gandia Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Federation of Business Associations of La Safor (FAES, for its Spanish initials), is set to hold a Technology Pill on technology for the early detection of disease and […]

Recycling Mattresses for Sustainable Construction

Researchers from Campus Gandia and Campus Alcoy of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) are collaborating in the ORACLE project: “Development of recycled polyurethane cores from out-of-use mattresses for sustainable construction with high added value”. This project, which has acquired funding from the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació for a total of 661,531.90 euros, aims […]

Safor Salut Acquires Funding to Promote Healthcare Innovation

The “Safor Salut” cooperation program, an initiative coordinated in 2021 by the Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) together with Fisabio–Gandia Health Department, Fisabio–HACLE La Pedrera, and the Federation of Business Associations de la Safor (FAES, for its Spanish initials), has acquired 59,646 euros in funding from the Program of Complementary Actions […]

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