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Seminar: “Let’s Talk About the Environment: Management in the Industry”

Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València is orgnazing the Seminar: “Let’s Talk About the Environment: Management in the Industry”, which brings together representatives from the industry, public administration, scientists and professionals, on Wednesday, June 26th in the Aula Magna, from 9 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The event is aimed at all those interested in expanding their knowledge about the emission of pollutants, the management of industrial discharges or the reuse of waste. Registration is free and available at www.gandia.upv.es.


“Circular Engineering in the Industry” is the title of the first scientific presentation of the seminar and will be given by Sonia Vico, technician at the AINIA Technology Center, and an Environmental Scientist with 15 years of experience in the field of Water Engineering and the Environment.

Then there will be a round table discussion entitled “Noise and Atmospheric Emissions”. Air pollution starts with the emission of energy and pollutants into the atmosphere, of which emissions from industrial centers are a source. The round table will discuss the control of emissions, as well as the economic and social benefits of controlling them. The speakers include: Ximo del Rio, from the Quality, R&D and Environment Department of of Dulcesol; Mari Cruz Grau, Acoustic Engineer and Acoustic Technician at Asfaltos Chova; José Andrés Sanchís, Environmental Scientist and Professor at Campus Gandia; and Iván Herrero, UPV Researcher in Gandia. The Chemist, Carmen Gómez, is the round table discussion moderator.

The seminar continues with a round table discussion on discharges. Many industrial processes require large amounts of water and in many cases enrich it with materials that have changed their initial characteristics. Although the majority of the water resources are renewable, the regeneration capacity of our water is often insufficient given the rate of use, and they become a non-renewable resource. However, every day we use techniques that allow us to improve the treatments to the point of changing the paradigm and using the water in a number of ways, by minimizing discharges and converting the components of these discharges into resources.

Taking part in this round table will be: Manuel Alcalde Sánchez, president of the Xúquer Hydrographic Confederation; Benito Orihuel, General Director of Citrosol; Nuria Felis Reig, Environmental Technician in the City Council of Gandia; and Sonia Vico, from AINIA. The discussion will be moderated by Miguel Rodilla, researcher at Campus Gandia.

The morning session will end with a discussion on startups in the environmental sector.


The round table on Waste and Recycling will kick off the afternoon session. Society needs collective responses from economic agents to confront the pressing environmental problems related to waste. The management of packaging waste on the part of Ecoembes has provided important achievements related to the recovery and recycling of consumer product packaging.

At this moment we are in the midst of a complete transformation to an efficient economy in the use of resources and low carbon emission, leading to better economic results while reducing the use of resources; identifying and creating new opportunities for economic growth; guaranteeing the safety of the supply of essential resources; and fighting against climate change and minimizing the environmental impacts due to the use of these resources.

Participating in this round table are: Domingo Lerma, from the waste management company, Joaquin Lerma SL; Sonia Poveda Cáceres, from Ecoembes; Luis González García, from Acteco; and Roberto Boscá Subiela, from CADERSA.


The last round table discussion of the seminar will be “Environmental Scientists in the Industry”. The environmental scientist is a professional who responds to environmental problems, who diagnoses and proposes solutions to solve and minimize it, while managing and planning human activities to make them compatible with the environment. The training and skills developed by an environmental scientist allow him to provide innovative visions in line with the needs of 21st century industry with scarce resources, the need to adapt to climate change and a society greater awareness and concerns about the environmental health of the planet.

The members of this round table include: Idoia Martinez, from the Association of Environmental Scientists of the Comunitat Valenciana COAMBCV (for its Spanish initials); Alicia Estruch Fuster, from the Department de Environment of the UPV; Joan Estornell Cremades, from the company Betelgeux; Vicente Alborch Ferris, from the CTL Pest Control and Environmental Health company; and Ferran Dalmau, from Medi XXI Bureau of Environmental Solutions. The table will be moderated by Jesús Martí, director of the Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences at the UPV.

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