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II Edition of the IVIO-UPV Chair Symposium at Campus Gandia

After the positive response to the first edition of this Symposium from professionals and students of the dental sector, the second edition of the Symposium will be held at the Campus Gandia of the UPV.

Next Friday, March 9th, the IVIO-Universitat Politècnica de València Chair will hold the second edition of this Symposium entitled “From Planning to Execution: Digital Flow and Bone Regeneration”. This meeting will bring together more than 50 dental professionals with the aim of showcasing the advances and the current techniques in the implementation of ultrasound, bone regeneration and augmented virtual reality. With this event, the IVIO-UPV Chair is firmly committed to positioning the city of Gandia and its Campus as a leader in the dentistry sector.

This second edition will also feature presentations by first-rate professionals, such as doctors Antonio Castilla and Luis Ilzarbe, who both possess extensive experience in the field of dentistry. The Symposium attendees will be able gain insight into the professional experiences of the two speakers as well as first-hand knowledge of the latest advances and most innovative methods in oral implantology, bone regeneration. or the role played by augmented reality in the new dental horizons. The scheduled lectures will feature Q&A sessions, offering the participants a unique opportunity to share their opinions and embark on discussions with the experts.


This symposium is aimed primarily at graduate alumni of the Valencian Institute of Dental Research, as well as the various professionals in the areas of oral implantology, periodontics and oral surgery.
This edition may also appeal to students of the Undergraduate Degree in Audiovisual Communication as well as Telecommunication, Sound and Image Systems due to the techniques and applications of new technologies in the field of dentistry, such as the use of Augmented Reality for diagnoses and interventions.

Este evento tendrá lugar en el Salón de Grados del Campus de Gandia el próximo viernes 9 de marzo a partir de las 9:45h y será inaugurado por el director del Campus Jesús Alba. You can register for free here.


The world’s leading company in the research, manufacture and sale of Straumann dental implant system will collaborate once more in the organization of this event. It is one of the most prestigious firms in the dental sector, with the Straumann® Dental Implant System being the most widely used dental implantology system in the world. A seal of quality that endorses the second edition of the IVIO-UPV Chair Symposium.


More information and questions regarding the IVIO-UPV Chair research projects can be addressed in writingt o Francisco Camarena, a research professor at the Campus Gandia of the UPV: fracafe@fis.upv.es.

You can follow the activity of the IVIO-UPV Chair on their: blog / Twitter / Facebook

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