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Scientific Output Reaches Historic Levels at Campus Gandia

The scientific activity carried out at Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València reached a historic peak in 2016, with a volume valued at 1,377,000 euros, which represents a 17% increase compared to the previous year. This figure is the highest level reached since the creation of the campus, even higher than 2006 level prior to the crisis. It should be noted that 83% of the output correspond to contracts and agreements, and the remaining17% are competitive R&D&I outputs.


The output from R&D contracts and agreements signed in 2016 are mainly with private sector businesses (68%); followed by contracts with the administration (16%) and, 16% other entities.

Regarding the funding source of the competitive R&D&I contracts, there has been a decrease funding from the Generalitat Valenciana and an increase in funding from the Central Administration and the European Union in the last three years.

45% of the private funding came from businesses in the Valencian Community and 50% from the rest of Spain, which indicates the great impact that the research from the Campus has on in its immediate socioeconomic environment. 5% of private funding comes from European companies.


In addition to its economic impact, this research impacts on knowledge generation that will serve to generate new solutions. This knowledge is found in bibliometric indicators, which evaluate the number of published papers and their impact on the scientific community.

In 2016, Campus Gandia produced 1,317 scientific publications and received 11,694 citations, according to the Web of Science Core Collection, an independent entity that analyzes worldwide scientific output.

Campus Gandia has 25.75% rate of international collaboration. Which means that 25% of the papers produced at Campus Gandia have at least one international collaborator.

The complete reports can be viewed in Spanish through the following links:

Pilar Sánchez Rivero

R&D and Innovation, Campus Gandia

 Sandra Barrancos Gregori

Communication and Marketing Officer, Campus Gandia

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