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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Medicine, technology, chemistry and series in ‘Ciència Propera’

In the eighth edition of ‘Ciència Propera’ we talk about the silent revolution. Ultrasounds are emitted at frequencies that the human ear is not able to hear but which allow scientists to give them various uses in medicine. For example, in the treatment of certain tumours. Paco Camarena, professor of the Campus of Gandia, will […]

Tourism Comes to the Rescue of Valencian Artisanal Fishing

Coastal artisanal fishing is a vital economic activity for a large number of families along the Valencian coast, and marks the character of our fishing villages.  The importance of fishing is apparent in the local gastronomy, with dishes such as the “fideuà” from Gandia or the “arroz a banda” from many towns in Alicante, as […]

Virtual Reality and 3D in the Dental Clinic of the Future

Take a second to imagine the dental clinic of the future, a place where there were no limitations of time or space. Where we were able to develop a synchronous distributed Virtual Reality (VR) environment. An environment in which two or more dentists located in different geographical points, could interact and collaborate in a virtual […]

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