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A Vote for Science at Campus Gandia

We have a new opportunity to decide in the Campus Gandia elections who will represent us during the next four years. We will once again choose the Director, who will be responsible for deciding the direction  our center takes. The Campus has no direct decision-making responsibility in terms of research policies, as it is determined by University structures, but it does plays a key role in the UPV research machine. We have asked the two candidates to give us more information on the science and research measures included in their programs.



Our candidacy revolves around ‘The Campus we want’ and gives priority to improving the lives of the people that form a part of our family: professors, administrative staff and services, campus services (cleaning, etc.) and our students. In research, these are the main lines:

  • Get a Doctoral Program underway as a matter of priority and create the Research Committee to foster collaboration between the different groups
  • Organize a research conference in the EPSG, with international guests, to promote collaboration between professors and researcher
  • Support and promote the IGIC and the UPV-IEO Joint Unit
  • Push for our school to host conferences, symposiums and seminars and promote the Comunica2 scientific popularization workshop
  • Promote the research of those of our professors with less research experience
  • Create a bank of ideas for  the Campus staff based on Open Innovation
  • Conduct workshops on Campus on different research calls
  • Voluntarily connect the PAS to research and define a clear and flexible method of use and collaboration between researchers and PAS
  • Establish an annual award for the outstanding researcher or research group at Campus Gandia
  • Encourage participation in technological platforms
  • Coordinate and prepare major research and innovation projects with companies and entities from the Safor and neighboring regions
  • Continue with the Campus science blog, with the Science Week, promote science popularization (radio and television) and expand our presence in new social networks
  • Enhance collaboration with the CEIC Alfons el Vell de Gandia and explore opportunities for collaboration with other centers and research institutes in the central regions





The training excellent researchers requires a well endowed R&D&I environment. From our point of view, we need four levels of measures:

Support the existing R&D&I activity of the Campus (Groups, IGIC, IEO + UPV),

  • providing the necessary infrastructure and fighting to adapt those that do not depend on the campus, such as the port sheds and warehouses
  • increasing international mobility of the PDI and PAS, providing training and information to professors matching interests with foreign universities.

Creating our own crop of researchers, with the aim of retaining young researchers on the Campus,

  • making our Bachelor Degree programs excellent and competitive to attract talent, and
  • promoting and fighting for the creation of a doctoral program whose unique value compared to other UPV programs is based on our own research areas.

Stimulation of R&D&I activities in areas where there is currently little research, especially in Tourism and Audiovisual Communication

  • stimulating “practice-based research” projects for the Doctorate in Audiovisual Communication,
  • consolidating the establishment of an international scientific journal on tourism, natural and cultural heritage, with “Latindex”  indexing,
  • and stimulating the interactions between our researchers to develop multidisciplinary projects with a European vocation.

Dissemination and popularization of the R&D&I actions in the framework of the Campus communication strategy, which will articulated in a plan and earmarked funds

  • supporting and, where appropriate, improving and increasing the different outreach activities that have been carried out in recent years at the Campus, exploring new media formats, social networks and areas
  • seeking symbiosis with the Business Chairs, and exploring the possibility of an academic mention in “Dissemination of Science” for our Audiovisual Communication students


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