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Video Games “Win the Game” on Campus Gandia

The 7th edition of the summer program concluded with ample enrollment in the courses and positive feedback from the attendees. These courses are designed to offer high quality training that is focused on practical learning outcomes. The most popular courses were the ones centered on video games, which confirms once again, the enormous attraction of this industry, both for students and the general public.

Given the high demand for quality training courses relating to the different aspects of video game development, Campus Gandia has made a strategic commitment to offer training courses to meet this demand. And since there are so many ‘gamers’ and future video-game professionals surrounding us, the Campus is starting the new term with renewed strength and important novelties.

The concluding conference of the UPV VeranKevin Cerdào Gandia summer courses, co-sponsored by the Department of Innovation, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Region of Valencia, and the Gandia City Council, is set to take place on Thursday, September 17th at 12:30 PM, in the Graduate Hall (Salón de Grados). The game developer Kevin Cerdà will discuss his experience in the industry and the important role of training in order to become a video-game professional. The activity is open to all those interested.

Cerdà is cofounder of BeautiFun Games, and is the Designer of Nihilumbra and Megamagic (the project is currently under development by BeautiFun Games). He is also the head designer at Tequila Works , where he is developing projects such as Rime.


The new University Extension Diploma in Creative Design for Video Games will be presented during the conference. The Diploma was created with two specializations, design and programming, for students to choose based on their area of interest. No university degree is required to enroll in this program, although students must be eligible to study a university degree. For the programming itinerary, basic programming skills are required. The Diploma program will run from the beginning of October to June 4, 2016 and pre-registration is now open. More information at: http://do-videogames.webs.upv.es

With this Advanced Diploma, the Campus of Gandia is taking further major steps in its commitment to lifelong learning in video game development, an industry that is clearly expanding, since consumption is global and production is delocalized. These are some of the initiatives developed over the years in terms of the research being carried out in the EPSG Media group, and the events and activities organized for and by their students:

  • Gandia Game Meeting University Conference with 150 participants
  • 3 editions of the Global Game Jam in Gandia with a total of over 200 participants
  • PlayLab: a hybrid space for innovation, development and prototyping of video games and related applications
  • Summer Courses in JavaScript, 3D Scenarios, Construct2, ActionScript, etc.

Support activities organized by the Department of Innovation:

  • Espacio EVAM, a creative project designed to promote these activities among students on the Campus
  • Campus Jump Contest

In all, the Campus Gandia wants to establish itself as a center for training and research that is committed to the professional futures of its students in the gaming industry.

The September 17th conference on video games is sponsored by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Region of Valencia.


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