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Telegrafies – UPV Gandia Ciencia: March

Telegrafies News on the Research Activity on Campus Gandia in March:

9×03 A- The fifth edition of Comunica2, the Academic Conference on Social Media, was held in 2015, offering many presentations, workshops, scientific papers and panel discussions on the state of the digital communication and social media industry.

9×03 B- A new system configuration for a side scan sonar that permits the identification of the “acoustic echo” produced by turtles, will help scientists conduct a census of the species.

9×04- The Saphely European project, coordinated by Jaime García, is working to develop a device that would allow early diagnosis of cancer in minutes through the analysis of a few drops of blood from the patient.

9×05– In his thesis, campus researcher Mario Montagud demonstrates the advances being made in multimedia synchronization, which is expected to have a major impact on industries such as social television, network video games or emergency command and signaling systems.

9×06A satellite tagging project is studying the behavior, habitat use and survival of captive-bred and rehabilitated loggerhead turtles. Follow “Tortuga Lola”

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