Un blog de Universitat Politècnica de Valéncia, Campus de Gandia.


The Campus Gandia of the UPV is very excited to start telling you about our goings-on here in this blog. This site aims to bring the scientific research being carried out on our Campus closer to society, precisely in 2014 when we turn 20.

Because we like science and we believe in it, we are convinced that this channel will prove useful for people who are driven to discover something new every day or for people looking for answers and wanting to know more about a certain topic.

Here we will tell you about the day-to day of a researcher, what goes on inside a chemistry lab or, for example, how the campus carries out its field work in high seas.

In addition, you can follow the latest news about the investigations of the different groups at all times and read about their publications, patents, agreements, awards and prizes, etc.

We welcome you learn more about us and to browse through our chronology, a page where you can view the most important highlights in science and research that have taken place on our campus.

The Campus Gandia is firmly committed to science and research as a key to advancing the knowledge society. We strive each and every day to create synergies to support, promote and make the research field and technology transfer visible; and not just because it is our duty as a public university, but because we are convinced that “research works”.

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