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Science Week 2014 Kicks Off

From November 10 to 15, Campus Gandia of the Polytechnic University of Valencia is celebrating Science Week, an activity which aims to bring science to the general public and especially to young college-bound students. With this edition, Campus Gandia strenthens one of its firmest commitments, promoting interest and bringing scientific research closer to society through […]

The Library, Supporting the Research Staff

The Campus Gandia Library CRAI offers different support services to the research staff with a focus on three key areas: Visibility of the Scientific Output of the Campus: Senia-RiuNet One of the lines of action of the Library is to make the Scientific Output of Campus more visible, and to this end the scientific papers […]

“Invisible Female Scientists” Seminar

Seminar sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The Campus Gandia of the Polytechnic University of Valencia hosted the “Invisible Female Scientists” seminar on March 5, 2014 to mark International Women’s Day and in order to highlight the role of women in science and research throughout history. The program consisted of a panel […]

R&D&I with Companies and Institutions

Services offered by the Campus Gandia •R&D: for the innovation plans for your company or institution in products, processes and services •Technical support: in solving technological problems and adaptation to new technologies incorporated in your company or institution •Transference of results: new innovation opportunities for your company or institution through licensing Benefits obtained •Innovative solutions […]


The Campus Gandia of the UPV is very excited to start telling you about our goings-on here in this blog. This site aims to bring the scientific research being carried out on our Campus closer to society, precisely in 2014 when we turn 20. Because we like science and we believe in it, we are […]

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