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The Library, Supporting the Research Staff

The Campus Gandia Library CRAI offers different support services to the research staff with a focus on three key areas:

Visibility of the Scientific Output of the Campus: Senia-RiuNet

One of the lines of action of the Library is to make the Scientific Output of Campus more visible, and to this end the scientific papers previously deposited by each investigator are loaded and normalized through Senia, the application used for the management of research activity at UPV. Each publication is checked for the copyright policy of the publisher, the embargo periods, authorized use licenses, etc., ensuring that RiuNet only disseminates the publications that permit it. In the case of publications whose publishers not to allow diffusion from the repository, online visibility of bibliographic data is ensured.

This activity is being carried right now in retrospect and gradually, although some researchers have already deposited Campus all their scientific output in RiuNet:

–        Francisco Martínez Capel

–        Silvia Falco Giaccaglia

And in the case of the Research Institute for Integrated Coastal Zone Management-Campus IGIC Gandia, its scientific output can also be consulted in RiuNet.

In relation to the visibility of the researcher’s profile, materials and training sessions related to the unification of researcher profile (UPV scientific signature, Orcid, etc.), improving the dissemination of scientific output in databases, repositories and scientific social networks, etc.

UPV Gandia Ciencia

Searches for specialized information.

The Library and Scientific Documentation Service of the UPV offers an extensive digital library of full-text documents accessible through the Polibuscadorthat is available to the researchers, although Gandia CRAI Campus Library also offers a personalized search service for documents in information resources relevant to their research.

In the event that these documents are not available at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, it is possible to obtain them through interlibrary loan.

Consulting on publication, evaluation and accreditation issues.

The publication of scientific articles high-impact journals in the subject area is an important issue related to accreditation and six-year tenures; for this reason training and personalized advice on where to publish, consultation of bibliometric indicators (documents, citations, impact journals …), etc. is fundamental.

On the other hand, the Library also informs about open access publication through the custom queries received, through training materials available on PoliScience, or through organizing events such as the Conference for Researchers conducted within the framework of Science Week on Campus.

Campus Gandia Library CRAI



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