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Technology Pill: Custom-Made Prosthesis and Implants

The “Safor Salut” cooperation program, a joint initiative between Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), FISABIOGandia Department of Health, FISABIOHACLE La Pedrera and the Safor Federation of Business Associations (FAES), will hold a Technology Pill on custom-made prosthesis and implants on Wednesday, March 29, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., in-person at Hospital U. Francesc de Borja (Gandia) and also online through webex.

To attend and connect online to the conference, you need to register by filling out the registration form.

The new additive manufacturing technologies are a genuine revolution in the prosthesis and implants industry, since they allow custom development for specific patients. This technique is already fully developed at the protocol, technology and software levels, and its use is expected to become widespread in the short to mid-term given the benefits it offers, both for the healthcare system itself, and for patients and health workers.

The fact that the prosthesis or implant adapts to the person and not the person to the prosthesis, along with customized monitoring, amounts to a genuine revolution. This permits perfect reconstruction of the natural biomechanics in the affected area and also enables tackling challenges that had no previous available solutions.

In addition, this technique permits:

  • Having a full-scale model to program and test operations in complicated cases.
  • Having cutting guides that enable more precise execution and that do not need to be adapted of any other parameter.
  • No required processing and adaptation of standard pieces.
  • Substantially reducing surgery times and operating room turnover turnover times.
  • Reducing recovery times with fewer rejections.


The aim of the event is to provide information that encourages proposals of collaborative research and innovation projects by researchers, health workers, companies, technological institutes, associations of patients and people affected.

To that end, the conference will discuss the protocols to follow to develop a custom-made prosthesis or implant, the technology available for development and monitoring, the materials, the treatments to be carried out, the necessary certifications, and learn first-hand about all the ideas for new projects, success stories, as well as identify potential joint R+D+i projects focused on the development processes and monitoring of custom-made prosthesis and implants.


Professionals working in the development, application and monitoring of implants and prosthesis for patients, hospital managers, specialists in Traumatology, Rehabilitation, Dentistry and especially those people and professionals who face very specific requirements in their daily practice.


1:00 pm – Safor Salut, objectives of the pill and how to channel challenges and ideas for R+D+i projects related to custom-made implants and prosthesis and their development processes.

Safor Salut technical team

1:10 pm – Custom-made prosthesis and implants: benefits they provide, procedures and protocols, available technology, materials, treatments and certifications.

Francisco Pérez Carrio, CEO Fresdental Innovación y Manufacturas

Custom-made prosthesis and implant application cases:

  • Case 1. Orthopedic surgery in tumors
  • Case 2. Orthopedic surgery of the cranial vault
  • Case 3. Orthopedic surgery of the ribs
  • Case 4. Generic orthopedic surgery
  • Case 5. Dental implants

José Antonio Diego Leyda, Product and Process Engineer at Fresdental

1:40 pm – Projects that promote innovation in custom-made prosthesis and implants in Valencian healthcare.

Mixed reality application that improves precision in hip replacement implants

Development of an application for Hololens 2 that permits monitoring of spinal deformities (kypho-scoliosis)

Damián Mifsut Miedes, Head of the Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Department at Hospital U. Francesc de Borja de Gandia

Augmented reality app for dental implant placement

Joan Faus López, iVIO-Campus Gandia Chair (Universitat Politècnica de València)

2:00 pm – Public funding of healthcare research and innovation projects

Francisco Oltra Landete, Fisabio Department of Projects

2:15 pm – Discussion

2:25 pm – Closing.

Rosa Andrés Lozano, Managing Director of the Gandia Health Department



If you have an idea for a project or solution and you need a partner from the healthcare, university or business setting to carry it out, submit your idea to saforsalut.es/ideas-retos yand we will help you find them. You can also view the ideas presented and actively participate by collaborating in their implementation.


Campus de Gandia (UPV): Pilar Sánchez | psanche@upv.es

FISABIO: María Prada | prada_marmar@gva.es, Amparo Arlandis | arlandis_ampviy@gva.es,

Amparo Estruch | amparo.estruch@fisabio.es , Elena Carrió | carrio_elearg@gva.es, Silvia Llàcer | llacer_sil@gva.es

Empresas-FAES: Josep Miquel Juan mjuan@cev.es , Fina López | info@faesafor.com




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