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Safor Salut Closes 2022 with Positive Results

The “Safor Salut” cooperation program, a joint initiative between Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), FisabioGandia Department of Health, FISABIOHACLE La Pedrera and the Safor Federation of Business Associations (FAES), reports positive results for its 2022 activities. It has received aid from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) for the execution of the activities.

Throughout the year, a number of activities have been carried out under this program, all aimed at promoting the generation of collaborative research and innovation projects that enable the development of innovative solutions in the healthcare fields.

The following organizations and social agents have collaborated regularly with the program: the Foundation for Health Research in the Safor region (AISSA), the Spanish Cancer Association of Gandia and Valencia, the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association of Gandia and the Safor (DIFFAC.GANDIA), the Espurna Foundation, the Parkinson’s Association of Gandia-Safor, the Alzheimer’s Family Association of the Safor (AFA La Safor), the Association of Municipalities of La Safor and the Gandia City Council. In addition, 2023 saw Safor Salut: eHealth Comunitat Valenciana digital district and the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community coming on board as collaborators.

During 2022, a hybrid Technology Pill was held focusing on key aspects in the development of healthcare apps, as well as two co-creation Workshops (Patients pending destinations upon discharge and Artificial Intelligence applied to neurological diseases).

In addition, the Safor Salut technical team and members of the research, healthcare and business communities took part in 5 innovation events (a workshop and an Innotransfer conference, VLC Health & I, iDays and eHealth digital district).

To achieve the objectives set forth, the program has come up with a system to gather project ideas through the web platform www.saforsalut.es, which currently features 25 published ideas. Of the total number of active ideas, 20% have the participation of businesses and 50% are in the development phase.

32 principal researchers from Fisabio and 26 from theUniversitat Politècnica de València have participated in the project startups and implementations, as well as 11 companies, 12 social agents and 3 technological institutes.


The Safor Salut team offered a positive assessment of the results obtained in 2022 during the meeting of the Project Monitoring Committee, held in February. In addition, the objectives for 2023 were approved at the meeting, placing an emphasis on “the importance of continuing to work to promote collaboration between the health, technological, business and social sectors for the development of innovations in the health sector.” Likewise, the continuity of the project was analyzed, as well as the main lines of action to be carried out in the coming years, focusing on Primary Care and the incorporation of new social and business partners to promote these areas.


If you have a project idea and require a partner from the healthcare, university, or business sector to execute it, submit your idea to saforsalut.es/ideas-retos. We’ll assist you in finding suitable partners. Additionally, you can explore the ideas submitted by others and actively participate by contributing to their implementation.


Campus  Gandia (UPV): Pilar Sánchez | psanche@upv.es

Fisabio: María Prada | prada_marmar@gva.es, Amparo Arlandis | arlandis_ampviy@gva.es,  Amparo Estruch |amparo.estruch@fisabio.es ,

Elena Carrió | carrio_elearg@gva.es, Silvia Llàcer | llacer_sil@gva.es

Empresas-FAES:  Josep Miquel Juan|  mjuan@cev.es    Fina López | info@faesafor.com

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