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The Highest-ranking Telecommunication Researchers in Spain

Jaime Lloret and Sandra Sendra, from Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València, repeat this year as two of the highest-ranking researchers in Spain, according to the ranking issued by the Group for the Dissemination of the h-Index (DIH). The ranking measures the professional quality of the research scientists, based on productivity and the number of citations that their scientific papers have garnered.

Jaime Lloret, a leading national figure in the field of Telecommunications

In the latest update, carried out in October 2022, Professor Jaime Lloret  achieved a 42 h index and has come in first place in the Telecommunications field since 2016, while coming in eighth place in Engineering, Electricity and Electronics, which are far broader fields where multiple fields of science converge. “To lead once again the list of best researchers in Spain in the field of Telecommunications highlights, for another year, the good work we are doing in our research group, made up mostly of professors and students from Campus Gandia, within the Research Institute for the Integrated Management of Coastal Zones (IGIC). And it demonstrates that the students at Campus Gandia are receiving a very high quality education. Furthermore, it is evident that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without a lot dedication and effort,” Jaime Lloret pointed out.

Jaime Lloret is Professor of Telematic Engineering, and had directed the Research Institute for the Integrated Management of Coastal Zones (IGIC) since January 2017. He has a degree in Physics, specializing in Electricity, Electronics and Computer Science; Electronic Engineer and PhD in Telecommunications. He is also the author of 15 books (textbooks and research) and more than 800 research articles published in national and international conferences, internationally competitive books, and international journals. In addition, he is editor-in-chief of several prestigious international magazines. Wireless sensor networks, P2P networks, and network protocols and algorithms are some of the topics that are the subject of his research.

Jaime Lloret, premiado en la I edición de los Premios de Investigación UPV

In addition, on November 9, the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) gave out 20 awards to various researchers at the university in the first edition of the UPV Research Awards.

One of the awards went to Jaime Lloret for the Excellent Career in Research in the subcategory of Computer Science.

Sandra Sendra, one of the leading researchers

For her part, Professor Sandra Sendra achieved an h-index of 20, also in Relecommunications, and is ranked third on the overall list and first in Spain. Sandra Sendra stated that, “being included in the list of the best researchers in Spain in the field of Telecommunications is an honor and recognition of the dedication and effort that a researcher invests. Also, this year I am doubly grateful, as I have climbed a spot to become the number one researcher in Spain in an extremely competitive field. Our positions on this list signify great recognition of our work and, above all, of how society and the scientific community perceive our work.”

Since February 2021, Sandra Sendra has been the academic director of the Degree in Interactive Technologies at the Campus Gandia, where she was an undergraduate student. Currently, she is a tenured professor at the UPV, a Technical Engineer in Telecommunications, specializing in Electronic Systems, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications, Sound and Image Systems and a PhD from the UPV in Electronic Engineering. Her research focuses on the field of sensor design, use of new wireless technologies for the implementation of sensor networks, communications protocols and algorithms for the development of solutions in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), among others. In relation to these subjects, Sandra Sendra is the author of over 200 publications, including 2 books and 8 book chapters, more than 85 articles in highly relevant international science journal, and more than 80 articles in national and international conferences. She has also participated in the organization of more than 50 international conferences.

Source: Laida Frasquet, Journalist for the Office of Communications at the UPV


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