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Tomy Murrat Wins the iViO-UPV Chair Award for Best TFG


Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus health emergency, the the iViO-UPV Chair classes and cultural activities will be suspended until authorities permit normal academic and work life to resume. For the same reason, the chair sees itself obligated to postpone the IV iViO-UPV Chair Symposium, originally planned for April 3. In the face of the difficult and exceptional situation that we are experiencing, we want to convey our support for the entire society, especially for all the healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly during these trying days.


Tomy Murrat, graduate in Biology from Temple University of Philadelphia and graduate in Dentistry from Cardenal Herrera-CEU University, has won the award for the best TFG/TFM related to dental technology from the iViO-UPV Chair of Campus Gandia.

Murrat, who considers himself a dentist “by trade and at heart”, argues that he always had “a knack for arts and crafts”, which made him feel comfortable and at ease with dental reconstruction work or cosmetic operations. “In my country (Switzerland), due to the fame, people with my type of skill usually end up working as watchmakers. I wanted to break the mold and follow my vocation using my hobby in the world of dental medicine,” the award-winner told us.

Murrat decided to combine dentistry and technology in his TFG considering that it is a field “in constant change and renewal” and that “it is essential to be able to carry out your work effectively and this way always offer your clients the best options”. The objective of his TFG was to investigate of the strength of the new Katana (Kuraray) Bonding Kit cement, used clinically to bond Zirconia reconstructions, such as crowns or bridges, among other things, versus RelyXTM Unicem 2 Automix cement. His motivation to carry out a TFG like this, apart from his previous experience in the field of research, came from Dr. Salvatore Sauro. “I was fortunate to have him as my professor and he was also an active professional in the world of dental research with a background backed by numerous publications at the European level,” he says of his mentor.

He currently works in Vaud, a canton in his native Switzerland, in the Dentalys Centre Médico Dentaire de la Broye clinic, but he has an extensive professional career, including research work at Temple University and teaching Biology in a school in Dubai. If he were to offer advice to his former students on becoming a dentist, he would tell them to keep in mind what the objectives of any new dentist should be: “Students who want to make this profession their life must keep in mind that it is up to them is keep changing the view that people have about dentistry. In addition, they need to remember that it is totally vocational, and that every day you have to give your best and take care of our clients, because it’s not just health, a nice smile gives security and self-confidence.”

In terms of his professional future, the new TFG award winner wants to gain more clinical experience in the short term, and in the coming two years he would like to finish a Master’s degree in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

For more information and inquiries on the iViO-UPV Chair research projects, you can write to Francisco Camarena, research professor at Campus Gandia UPV, at: fracafe@fis.upv.es.

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