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Dissemination Seminar at Campus Gandia on the CPI2020 Activities

Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is set to hold a dissemination seminar on the CPI2020 activities, with the aim of bringing the services offered by this program closer to the Campus Gandia research groups to step up their participation in the European calls. The Seminar is scheduled to take place on May 10, 2019 at 12:00 pm in the Graduate Hall (Salón de Grados).

The CPI2020 is a UPV Program located in the Polytechnic City of Innovation and whose objective is to promote the continued and successful participation of the UPV in Horizon 2020, the European Research Framework Program. Participation in Horizon 2020 is of maximum interest both at the scientific level and the entity of the approved projects. However, there are numerous barriers due to its complexity, with different political priorities and relevant networks that are key to the project acquisitions. Moreover, the intense competition means that only first-rate projects from different perspectives are approved.


Polytechnic City of Innovation Initiative CPI2020 is primarily focused on encouraging continued and successful participation and increasing the number of European projects coordinated by the UPV. A three-pronged approach is used to achieve this:

  • Helping research groups to carry out strategic analysis of participation in European projects that allow them to collaborate proactively and not only responding to calls.
  • Professionalizing European integration with a presence in relevant networks and lobbies.
  • Professionalizing the the proposal preparation process, including the generation and filtering of ideas, construction of the consortium and the actual drafting of the proposals.
Ana-Cruz García, Francisca Gómez y Miguel Piza Padial, responsables de CPI2020

Ana-Cruz García, Francisca Gómez and Miguel Piza Padial, CPI2020

The seminar will go over many of the aspects of Horizon 2020 and present the services offered by CPI2020 to the research groups of Campus Gandia. Likewise, interviews with the CPI2020 team can be arranged for a personalized analysis of the ways that CPI2020 is able help the research groups that request them. The scheduled meetings will be held before 12:00. The Seminar will feature the participation of Ana-Cruz García (Director of CPI2020, acgarcia@cpi2020.es) and Francisca Gómez (Technical Secretary, fgomez@cpi2020.es).

To confirm attendance to the seminar or to arrange a preliminary meeting on the same day, you should to send an email to Pilar Sánchez (psanche@upv.es), R&D&I Officer at Campus Gandia.

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