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Conference Series to Increase the Visibility of Women in the Field of Science and Thinking

Increasing the visibility of women in the fields of science and thinking. This is the goal of the Wise Women conference series, organized by the CEIC Alfons el Vell and Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), with the support of the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat ValencianaThe Gandia Smart Tourism Campus Chair, the Equality Department of the City of Gandia and the CEFIRE-Gandia also collaborate. The series is coordinated by the artist, cultural events curator and essayist, Rosa Mascarell Dauder, who will also moderate the conferences.

The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Generation of ’27, women and science and the figure of Marie Curie are the topics that will be addressed in the conferences by renowned female scientists and authors of important works and dissemination activities. All the conferences will take place at the Casa de Cultura de Gandia at 7:00 p.m..

Rosa Mascarell Daudera states that she wants to combat gender bias that influences unfavorable perceptions and expectations towards women in the workplace, as demonstrated in the latest annual report on education by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). “Women have always been active in all fields of study, despite the difficulties that have historically blocked our pathways, basically the prohibitions of learning and schooling and the block against showing and exercising our knowledge through paid work. We want to showcase female leadership in the world of science, technology and thinking, to inspire women young and old, and reveal a hitherto unknown a part of reality.”

For Jesús Alba, director of the Campus Gandia of the UPV, the university has a social responsibility to fight against gender biases, to encourage and fully develop all the talent, both female and male. “Historically women have endured discrimination that has impeded them from showing their full potential. With this series of conferences we want to contribute to the recognition of their extra effort and to raise awareness about the need to fight the obstacles that still prevent equal participation in the public sphere.”

For his part, Luis Miret, director of the CEIC Alfons el Vell, has shown the commitment of the CEIC through the dissemination of science and thinking and by vindicating the contributions made by women to culture and technological and scientific development.

Lorena Milvaques, deputy mayor and deputy councilor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusive Policies of the City of Gandia, has shown the town council’s support for the initiative: “Without women, society misses out on half of its potential. This is why the City Council wants to encourage initiatives that fight against inequalities and is actively working to eliminate the obstacles in the personal and professional growth of women.”

PROGRAMMING – The entire conference series will take place in the Casa de Cultura de Gandia at 7:00 p.m.

  • Monday, December 3rd. “Images and Figures of Women’s Grievance (XV-XVII centuries)”, with Rosa Rius Gatel professor of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and member of the Philosophy and Gender Seminar.
  • Tuesday, December 4th. “Modern Wives Without Hats: The Women of ’27”. The conference will be presented by Maria Elizalde Frez., Doctor in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Madrid, specialist in the thoughts and ideas of the generation of ’27.
  • Wednesday December 12th. “Women are Science … or Are We?” Conference-debate by Isabel Pérez Arjona, professor at the UPV-Campus Gandia, researcher at the IGIC and member of the Equality Committee of Campus Gandia.
  • Thursday, December 13th. “The Passion of Marie Curie”. Adela Muñoz Páez is the star of this dramatized conference where she will play the role of Marie Curie. Adela Muñoz Páez is a full professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Seville. In 2015 she received the Meridiana award from the Women’s Institute of the Junta de Andalucía.
  • Friday, December 14th. “The Writer Isabel de Villena, a Medieval Influencer”, will be the subject of presented by Rosanna Cantavella, professor of Medieval Catalan Literature at the Universitat de València, a Life Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, and corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Literature of Barcelona.

Organized by:

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Sandra Barrancos Gregori

Communication and Marketing Officer, Campus Gandia.

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