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Gandia Earns the Distinction of City of Science and Innovation

Gandia is one of nine Spanish cities to be chosen this year to receive the distinction of “City of Science and Innovation”. The Campus Gandia of the UPV has actively participated in the development of the project that has obtained the recognition granted by the Secretariate of Research, Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Government of Spain

With this achievement, Gandia joins the ranks of the “Red Innpulso (Innpulso Network), which is made up by 62 municipalities in Spain. This recognition has a three-year duration and can be renewed if the city is eligible to continue being part of this network. The project counted with the collaboration of as many as 26 organizations from Gandia and the Safor county, both businesses and business associations, that expressed their written support for the candidacy of Gandia as City of Science and Innovation.

The award was publicly announced on July 29th at the City Hall by the Mayor of Gandia, Diana Morant, Councilwoman for Economic Policies and Innovation, Alicia Izquierdo and the Director of Campus Gandia of the UPV, Pep Pastor.


Pastor highlighted that over the past 20 years, it has been “very important for Gandia to have a university campus that, in addition to educating people, has managed to open the doors of the UPV by transferring technology, knowledge to businesses or institutions.” The Director referred to the numerous research and science projects that are currently taking place in collaboration with other companies. “Activities related to science and dissemination take place virtually every week. The only thing missing to complete the circle was joining the City of Science and Innovation project. This recognition will allow us to take a quantum leap and be more demanding of ourselves.”

Diana Morant wanted to thank the ongoing work of the Campus Gandia of the UPV with the city. “The Campus is our number one ally in innovation and research and, as usual, we were able to collaborate closely in developing the project.” Morant expressed great satisfaction over the relationship between city and the university, “We want to take advantage of the added bonus of a a city like ours being a university town, and with partnerships like this one, it is worthwhile fostering the excellent relationship between the two institutions and the better they get along, the better it will be for Gandia.”


The Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation recognizes the role of municipalities as agents of innovation and establishes  the Innpulso Network as a strategic platform for fostering innovation in cities. With these new distinctions there are now 62 municipalities making up the Innpulso Network.

Since 2010 it has brought together the distinguished municipalities in a Network, a forum of permanent contact to share resources and information with the aim of defining local innovative policies and strengthening public-private cooperation. The distinction is obtained for a period of three years.

Among the advantages of belonging to this network is benefiting from collaborative projects between municipalities, prioritizing locations for scientific and technological facilities and preferential treatment for hosting conferences, seminars and other events.

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