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Women and Science

One of the strongest commitments of the Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València is to promote equality in RDI activity and encourage STEM studies among girls and young women.

It should be remembered that only 20% of the top research projects in the Valencian Community are led by women. The labor gap in work-life balance and in scientific RDI persists. Hence the need to showcase the research done by women, as well as their role in a scientific world where the male image predominates.


Conscious of this problem, public administrations are requiring and evaluating the gender perspective in the research projects applying for their grants. To successfully win grants for certain calls that are becoming more and more popular, project designs should take into account the sex-gender dimension and the gender perspective, since it is being considered a factor of excellence.

A significant change to the Horizon 2020 program is the inclusion of gender training as part of the eligible costs of the project, with the aim of helping research staff to develop and share knowledge on the subject of gender in relation to the financed project.

Equally conscious of this problem, the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has promised to launch initiatives to promote equality in laboratories, universities and scientific centers as one of their priorities.

In addition, the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana has published a checklist this week to determine the incorporation of the gender perspective in the requests for research actions, in which the research project, team, and the dissemination and transfer of results are analyzed.


For this purpose and to give greater visibility to the work done by our female researchers and serve as role models, we have incorporated a new section in the website that includes posts about the projects they are taking part in. In this channel we will share news of technological and scientific interest, conferences, events and science-related activities, among others. We want this to be a space where we connect to all those of you who you love the world of science and want to be permanently informed about our contribution to the world of research and technological development.

Furthermore, a new Equality Committee was set up on the Campus and funding was provided in 2018 by the Generalitat Valenciana to carry out relevant activities, which we will be sure to continue in the coming years.

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