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Science, also in the radio

The Gandia Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) starts a radio programme for science dissemination, Ciència Propera (nearest science), which has 12 episodes to be broadcasted on Monday from September 26th (except October 3rd as it is a bank holiday in Gandia). You can listen to the programme on UPV radio station at 16:00 and its repeat on Saturday at 12:30 and also on Gandia Radio in Hoy por Hoy programme. Moreover, it will be available on ITunes and Ivoox too and will be shared on social networks. This radio content is funded by the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) (the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) – Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and is sponsored by the Department of Innovation of the Gandia Campus.

The objective of Ciència Propera is to make accessible the knowledge about our environment and society that the UPV offers, mainly from the Gandia campus, and spread it. Another objective is to provide with solutions to improve our lives. We will learn about research dealing with the complexity of the changes that are occurring in the ecosystems of La Safor, largely due to the climate change. We will be aware of the latest works that Campus teams develop in various areas.


Ciència Propera expects the listeners to get to have more knowledge when performing actions in their daily lives and taking part in making social and political decisions. The programme aims to contribute to greater social responsibility as it gives us answers to the impacts arising from our daily activity in our environment. In addition, through Twitter, subjects matters can be suggested, and questions asked to be discussed with the #HoyCienciaUPV hashtag.

Science improves our health, our environment, enables technological development and promotes economic growth. And those who develop it are people who share a passion: knowledge.

We want to help convey this passion, that is why we will encourage high school students to interview people related to science. The aim is interaction, so that students understand that scientists are normal people like them and, thus, motivate them to make a living out of science in the future.

We hope you like it, we leave you with the first programme!

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